An Alumni’s Pet Peeves

Lauryn Snapp Mayfield, Shepherd 2008, is now working at Warner Music Nashville while pursuing her dream of being a singer. Find out about what pet peeve she developed after graduating from the Comm Department. 

Lauryn Snapp

Lauryn Snapp Mayfield, Shepherd 2008, is now working at Warner Music Nashville while pursuing her dream of being a singer.

Let’s dive in and talk about something very important- pet peeves.  We all have them and they come in all forms: PDA, molding clothes left in the washer, people who can’t hold their liquor, bad drivers, nail biters, or people who don’t love Kelly Clarkson.  We hate those people.

I want to give you the heads up on something time sensitive and very close to my heart.  Here’s the scoop:

The moment you trade your overpriced parking permit for a well deserved diploma; your new pet peeve will be “people who are not problem solvers.”

You will realize the investment that your professors have made during your Shepherd college career was not to make you a brilliant star shining in the back of a cube-infested office.  It wasn’t to gauge your dark circles after sleepless nights to prep for projects, tests and speeches that you will quickly forget. It wasn’t to make your parents squeal with excitement and slight retaliation as the wild child they once knew is forced to take on responsibility. The “struggle” is simply to propel you into being a thoughtful, intuitive, informative, problem solver.

This form of witchcraft will quickly set you apart from the crowd of swift talkers.  You will quickly find your feet holding steadfast to your career path and you will realize that you don’t have to be the smartest, fastest, or most tenured.  Why?  Because you know how to create solutions!

This week, I voted for the Country Music Awards, produced a photo shoot for two A-list artists, and attended several artist development meetings to discuss online streaming methods.  I wake up Monday-Friday and drive to my office at Warner Music Nashville where I am surrounded by Belmont’s best. I’m not worried about who or what these Alumni argue to know. Why? Because our communication department has fully prepared me for any situation that my day brings.  (I am also hella good at parallel parking.)

The best kept secret at Shepherd University is YOU and the professors within our communication department. So soak up every moment, indulge in every class and trust that this post graduate world is going welcome you with exciting opportunities!

Keep this info in your back pocket, folks! It goes a really long way!

I love connecting and sharing, please feel free to find me on LinkedIn.


Lauryn Snapp



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