Meet Your Student Blog Team

If you didn’t hear, over the next few months students from our Shepherd University Social Media Class will be taking over part of the Communication Department’s social media outlets. What’s their goal for the semester? It is to create an effect (and simply awesome) campaign to share the secret of our department.

Behind this campaign will be a team of students for each outlet including the blog, Instagram, and Twitter. We thought you might like to meet some of these awesome students, so the secret’s out! Meet your blog team!

Ryan McFarland – Junior, Comm MajorWedding -161 - Version 2

Why Communication? Ryan joined the communication department because he believes that communication is life and he doesn’t want to just survive, but thrive in it.

Any advice for younger students? He wants you to know that college isn’t a step closer to “real” life, it is REAL life so take advantage and get involved!

988725_10202142626189275_170388605_nTaylor Hicks – Junior, Rec and Leisure Major

Where are you headed after Shepherd? After she graduates from Shepherd Taylor wants to go to every music festival in the United States and then she wants to be able to make people smile with music.

Why Communication? She said it’s really awesome because everyone knows everyone down in the “basement” and no one judges anyone for what they want to do with their lives.

10411311_10204017928661350_398089652581269308_nSam Romine – Junior, Comm Major

Why Communication? Sam chose communication because he could see himself enjoying the classes and having more creative freedom than in another major. (Check that picture over there ->)

What’s your concentration? Sam is in the Media Studies concentration which gives him the chance to take a wider variety of classes and see where he finds his niche.

10153999_10203911023162800_7779797934236032518_nHaley Greene – Senior, Comm Major

What’s next after Shepherd? Following graduation, she hopes to become an event planner and start her own company.

Fun Fact! She can’t see anything in 3D! (Isn’t life in 3D!?)

This group of students will be helping you to discover everything that this secret has to offer and soon you’ll be wondering just how it was kept a secret so long!

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I am currently a missionary and the Communications Director at New Life Global Ministries. I love what I do and the people around me. Life is about following Jesus and loving people. I want to leave the world a different place than what I found it.

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