Introducing… me.

Monica Larson

Monica Larson

Hey there. I’m Monica Larson, and I’m an Assistant Professor in Shepherd University’s Department of Communication, specializing in New Media. I get to teach the really fun courses… things like Game Design, Graphic Novel, Advertising & Imagery and Advanced Internet Media. This semester I’m even teaching a course on Special Effects in Film. What is the common thread that links these all together? It is my love of technology combined with a love of storytelling.

I haven’t always been a teacher. I went to Syracuse University and studied design under Ken Hine. At Syracuse I developed a strong belief that design had to serve a real purpose, and not simply make things look good. I was a problem solver. After graduation I was a print designer in Baltimore for a long time. I studied Administrative Science at Johns Hopkins in the evenings to keep myself out of trouble.

But then came the Internet. I co-founded HuskyLabs, one of the first Web development firms in the country. Now I was a problem solver and a techie.

Fast forward: Three .com companies later (insert 3 kids as well) I wanted to change direction slightly. I needed a job where I could do more exploration, and yet still have a reasonable quality of life. A position opened at Shepherd that pretty much had my name on it. I took it and have been happily teaching for seven years (more or less.) I went back to school and got my MFA in Web Design and New Media from Academy of Art University.

So that’s the short version. Stop by and learn more…