#MakeYourMark – Veronica Victor

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.06.09 PMWhat makes Shepherd Communication the best kept secret? That’s right, it’s our students! Shepherd Comm students are some of the best and brightest around and they are guarenteed to make a big mark in the world today. It’s for that reason we are sharing some of their stories through our #MakeYourMark campaign.

Whether it’s in the classroom, workplace, or in extra curricular activities, our Comm students are shining through! Don’t believe me? Check out some of our Alumni Posts to see the great things that have been happening since graduation.

Still don’t believe me? Meet Veronica! She is part of our best kept secret and she answered a few questions for our instagram team to show you how you can #MakeYourMark like she is.Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.04.45 PMWhy Communication? Veronica actually transferred from another university (names hidden to protect the innocent) for this communication department! She chose Shepherd Comm for the welcoming and yet still very challenging environment.

Cool projects? She is in the digital film making concentration which she says teaches her everything she wants to learn which allows and encourages her to make the types of films she wants to make.IMG_3972

No matter what area of Communication you are interested in, Shepherd U Comm. Department wants to help you #MakeYourMark. Check out @sucomm on instagram to see more of Veronica’s story and start working on your own! Shepherd Comm may be one of Shepherd University’s best kept secrets, but with students like these it won’t stay that way for long!


Capstone Summary: Beep Baseball

What is the Capstone class and a capstone project? Capstone is the final assignment for all Communications majors in order to graduate from the department. It’s the students’ way of showing the professors and the world what they can do!

IMG_2141On Tuesday, October 28th, Senior Communications major Haley Greene executed her Capstone project, an old fashioned game of baseball…sort of. Beep baseball was created as a form of physical therapy for those who are visually impaired. It is played like a regular game of baseball with a few MAJOR exceptions. The ball and the bases beep in order for the player to locate their position on the field. The player hitting the ball has to listen for the beeping bases while the players in the field have to listen for the beeping ball. Talk about chaos! The other major exception is that all of the players who are not visually impaired must be blindfolded in order to have a fair game.

The Shepherd University Baseball Team was generous enough to take time out of their busy schedules to play a game of beep baseball in the Butcher Center in order to raise awareness about visual impairments. There was a raffle basket and a baIMG_2144ke sale with all the proceeds going towards the Cure for Retinal Blindness Foundation. The Cure for Retinal Blindness Foundation works to fund research for a cure for very rare genetic eye disorders that can lead to visual impairments or cause others to go blind. Melissa Russ, her husband Glenn, and their daughter Teagan, who suffers from a visual impairment herself, were on hand to represent the Foundation and play with the team.

The game ended with spectators from the audience taking a swing at the beeping baseball blindfolded like the baseball players to understand for themselves the struggles of retinal blindness. Many of our comm. students (and even comm. professor Matt Kushin) took to the floor to take a swing! Check out @sucomm on Instagram to see other pictures and videos of this event.  IMG_2149 Lots of research, planning, coordinating, and work went into executing Haley’s capstone project! It is a great example of the type of awesome things you can accomplish through the Shepherd Communication Department!

#MakeYourMark – Professor Matt Kushin

Why did you go to college? Why are you going to college? Why are you going to go to college one day? Most likely it’s because you want to make a difference and you think college will help provide you with the tools to do just that. Luckily there are professors who are thinking that, too. And our department is full of them!

mk_bwheadMeet Professor Matt Kushin. He wants to help students realize their potential and help you #makeyourmark with your time at Shepherd University and with the rest of your life. Dr. Kushin is the mastermind behind the Comm 322 Social Media class that is currently rocking the department’s social media outlets and we thought it might be good for you to know the man behind the mission!

What’s the best part of being a professor? His favorite aspect of being a professor is providing opportunities to allow students to take what they are learning and apply it in hands on situations (similar to this blog you happen to be reading).IMG_2150

What’s your favorite thing to do (outside of being a comm professor of course) with your time? Matt loves to get outside and play with his awesome dog, Scout.

Professor Matt Kushin is a great example of someone who can help you #makeyourmark here in Shepherd Communication and in life.

Check out @sucomm on instagram to watch Professor Matt’s #makeyourmark interview and you may even catch a blooper or two!Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.33.23 PM

Course Spotlight: Special Effects in Film with Professor Larson

If you have been following our blog you have learned that the best kept secret of the Shepherd U Communication Department is that we have awesome students and awesome professors. Well what do you get when you put awesome students and awesome professors together? Well, awesome classes of course!

A Special Topics course offered for the first time this semester is Special Effects in Film, taught by our own Monica Larson. This class teaches students the building blocks and techniques to create special effects in digital video using the software Adobe After Effects.

Professor Larson got the idea for the class after teaching COMM 346 Motion Graphics. “I had taught COMM 346 many semesters, and there were always film students wanting to go beyond the scope of that class to apply special effects in their video projects” says Larson. “So this year I decided to make a Special Topics course to see if there was enough interest to integrate it into our permanent curriculum.”

The class combines a study of the history of effects with hands-on exercises. For example, after studying the films of Ray Harryhausen students did a one-class workshop using OSnap!, a stop-motion and timelapse app for the iPad. Here is a product of the workshop that Sam Romine created along with three other students in the class:

Another technique students are learning is how to use masks creatively to combine different scenes. Something really cool to do is to put two of the same people in the same frame at the same time like Comm student Bryant Jack did in this clip.

Other goals for the class include creating ghostly apparitions in a graveyard scene, and learning to use particle effects to create explosions.

Special Effects in Film is just one of the many classes offered in the Department that makes Shepherd Comm the best kept secret on campus!

Meet Your Student Twitter Team!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed meeting our student blog and Instagram teams already, but we have one more AWESOME group of students behind the content for you to meet! Did you know that there are over 241 million users on Twitter per month? That sounds like a great place to make a presence to us, so meet your student twitter team!

Blog PictureAndrew Duffy – Business Administration Major

Why Communication? Andrew chose communications for his minor because it complements a business degree very well; the key to business (but really any field as well) is having good communication with those around you, and it’s a fact no successful person is on an island.

Advice for New Students: If you haven’t developed good study habits from high school, try to start forming them as early as possible in your college career.

Danny Kremen – Communication Major: Digital Film making1382366_4982353211672_967908305_n

Plans after graduating from Shepherd? Danny wants to do sports radio/sports television.

Cool project you are working on? He is using the skills he is learning in Comm 402 Special Effects to make a zombie movie!

10624575_896171727079559_5175973752764147621_n-1Jordan Jensen – Graphic Design Major

Plans after graduation? He is planning on going to complete an Internship for Bethesda Studios and hopefully stay with the company to get a job.

Why Communication? Jordan added communication as a minor because he thought it could benefit him in a future of working with gaming and the public.

Mia Hernandez – Comm Major10690007_10205576423754615_4108927902404820664_n

Plans after Shepherd? Mia wants to be an analyst of the effectiveness of commercials because she is very interested in the way advertising works across cultures.

Fun Fact! She was born in Trinidad!

10645320_10201478567685183_7025091942190823843_nLauren Klouda – Comm Major

Plans after Shepherd? She wants to graduate and then find a job working for a PR firm.

Why Communication? Lauren wanted to be in this department because the subject interested her and she could see herself really succeeding here!

Now that you’ve met this awesome group of students, go follow @ShepComm on twitter to enjoy their hard work!

Getting Involved Outside of Class: A Look at Program Board and “Late Night in the Zone”

In addition to classes, Shepherd Communication students are involved in all sorts of activities on campus. From sports to campus clubs, there are lots of ways to get involved, meet people, and gain valuable educational experiences. One such way is through the Program Board, a student run organization that builds the campus community “by sponsoring diverse, inclusive programming to educate, entertain, and engage students.” Program Board is a great fit for communication students like Sam Romine and Taylor Hicks because it provides opportunities to learn to plan, promote across media, and execute events and activities in a fun, rewarding way.

Sam Romine said he enjoys being a part of Program Board “because it is a great opportunity to flex the skills I have been acquiring through the Communication Department. The Program Board is all about promotion and planning so it fits very well with my public relations classes.”

Taylor Hicks, a communication minor, agrees. Program Board allows her to serve as a leader and gain valuable experience learning about event planning. “I love being in program board because it allows me to create events for what I think Shepherd students would enjoy,” Hicks said. “It allows me to see how it is to create an event or plan anything else. It lets me see the skills that are required.”

What types of events does Program Board put on? A great example is the upcoming Late Night in the Zone event on Friday, November 14, starting at 6pm.

Every semester Program Board hosts two late nights, and this late night will be an “International” theme. As we approach international week, Program Board will turn the Rams Den into a late night venue with international flare. There will be Bollywood dancers, reptiles from around the world, food from a variety of 7985762792_052b494dbc_ocultures, and even a baby kangaroo!

The Rams Den will also be covered with fun decorations for everyone and include a map on the bulletin board located by the condiments in the Den so that attendees can put a tack where they want to go, or have been internationally. Representatives from the Study Abroad Program will also make an appearance to answer any questions about any international location students can think of.

A Little Late Night History

Late night began when the school wanted to do something for the student that was “family friendly” and substance free; something that students could do Friday nights to enjoy time with friends or make new friends!6168299515_0bc9be0457_o

The first late night that Program Board hosted this semester was “Americana”. Everything was American themed to include things like hotdogs, apple pie, and bingo. There was even a photo booth with awesome American themed props!

International Late Night Preview

This “International” late night will be Friday, November 14, starting at 6pm and ending at 1 am in the Student Center (commonly known as the Ram’s Den). It is looking like this may be one of the most fun Late Nights yet, but it is also shaping up to be a great learning experience for everyone involved.

Whether you’re a student looking for an organization to get involved in, or a student looking for something fun to do, check out Program Board and their events. In addition to Late Night in the Zone, there are lots of great things coming up later this month that Program Board is hosting like a movie trip to see Hunger Games and Waffle Day!10012162166_6e611105c5_o