Getting Involved Outside of Class: A Look at Program Board and “Late Night in the Zone”

In addition to classes, Shepherd Communication students are involved in all sorts of activities on campus. From sports to campus clubs, there are lots of ways to get involved, meet people, and gain valuable educational experiences. One such way is through the Program Board, a student run organization that builds the campus community “by sponsoring diverse, inclusive programming to educate, entertain, and engage students.” Program Board is a great fit for communication students like Sam Romine and Taylor Hicks because it provides opportunities to learn to plan, promote across media, and execute events and activities in a fun, rewarding way.

Sam Romine said he enjoys being a part of Program Board “because it is a great opportunity to flex the skills I have been acquiring through the Communication Department. The Program Board is all about promotion and planning so it fits very well with my public relations classes.”

Taylor Hicks, a communication minor, agrees. Program Board allows her to serve as a leader and gain valuable experience learning about event planning. “I love being in program board because it allows me to create events for what I think Shepherd students would enjoy,” Hicks said. “It allows me to see how it is to create an event or plan anything else. It lets me see the skills that are required.”

What types of events does Program Board put on? A great example is the upcoming Late Night in the Zone event on Friday, November 14, starting at 6pm.

Every semester Program Board hosts two late nights, and this late night will be an “International” theme. As we approach international week, Program Board will turn the Rams Den into a late night venue with international flare. There will be Bollywood dancers, reptiles from around the world, food from a variety of 7985762792_052b494dbc_ocultures, and even a baby kangaroo!

The Rams Den will also be covered with fun decorations for everyone and include a map on the bulletin board located by the condiments in the Den so that attendees can put a tack where they want to go, or have been internationally. Representatives from the Study Abroad Program will also make an appearance to answer any questions about any international location students can think of.

A Little Late Night History

Late night began when the school wanted to do something for the student that was “family friendly” and substance free; something that students could do Friday nights to enjoy time with friends or make new friends!6168299515_0bc9be0457_o

The first late night that Program Board hosted this semester was “Americana”. Everything was American themed to include things like hotdogs, apple pie, and bingo. There was even a photo booth with awesome American themed props!

International Late Night Preview

This “International” late night will be Friday, November 14, starting at 6pm and ending at 1 am in the Student Center (commonly known as the Ram’s Den). It is looking like this may be one of the most fun Late Nights yet, but it is also shaping up to be a great learning experience for everyone involved.

Whether you’re a student looking for an organization to get involved in, or a student looking for something fun to do, check out Program Board and their events. In addition to Late Night in the Zone, there are lots of great things coming up later this month that Program Board is hosting like a movie trip to see Hunger Games and Waffle Day!10012162166_6e611105c5_o

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