Meet Your Student Twitter Team!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed meeting our student blog and Instagram teams already, but we have one more AWESOME group of students behind the content for you to meet! Did you know that there are over 241 million users on Twitter per month? That sounds like a great place to make a presence to us, so meet your student twitter team!

Blog PictureAndrew Duffy – Business Administration Major

Why Communication? Andrew chose communications for his minor because it complements a business degree very well; the key to business (but really any field as well) is having good communication with those around you, and it’s a fact no successful person is on an island.

Advice for New Students: If you haven’t developed good study habits from high school, try to start forming them as early as possible in your college career.

Danny Kremen – Communication Major: Digital Film making1382366_4982353211672_967908305_n

Plans after graduating from Shepherd? Danny wants to do sports radio/sports television.

Cool project you are working on? He is using the skills he is learning in Comm 402 Special Effects to make a zombie movie!

10624575_896171727079559_5175973752764147621_n-1Jordan Jensen – Graphic Design Major

Plans after graduation? He is planning on going to complete an Internship for Bethesda Studios and hopefully stay with the company to get a job.

Why Communication? Jordan added communication as a minor because he thought it could benefit him in a future of working with gaming and the public.

Mia Hernandez – Comm Major10690007_10205576423754615_4108927902404820664_n

Plans after Shepherd? Mia wants to be an analyst of the effectiveness of commercials because she is very interested in the way advertising works across cultures.

Fun Fact! She was born in Trinidad!

10645320_10201478567685183_7025091942190823843_nLauren Klouda – Comm Major

Plans after Shepherd? She wants to graduate and then find a job working for a PR firm.

Why Communication? Lauren wanted to be in this department because the subject interested her and she could see herself really succeeding here!

Now that you’ve met this awesome group of students, go follow @ShepComm on twitter to enjoy their hard work!

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