Capstone Summary: Beep Baseball

What is the Capstone class and a capstone project? Capstone is the final assignment for all Communications majors in order to graduate from the department. It’s the students’ way of showing the professors and the world what they can do!

IMG_2141On Tuesday, October 28th, Senior Communications major Haley Greene executed her Capstone project, an old fashioned game of baseball…sort of. Beep baseball was created as a form of physical therapy for those who are visually impaired. It is played like a regular game of baseball with a few MAJOR exceptions. The ball and the bases beep in order for the player to locate their position on the field. The player hitting the ball has to listen for the beeping bases while the players in the field have to listen for the beeping ball. Talk about chaos! The other major exception is that all of the players who are not visually impaired must be blindfolded in order to have a fair game.

The Shepherd University Baseball Team was generous enough to take time out of their busy schedules to play a game of beep baseball in the Butcher Center in order to raise awareness about visual impairments. There was a raffle basket and a baIMG_2144ke sale with all the proceeds going towards the Cure for Retinal Blindness Foundation. The Cure for Retinal Blindness Foundation works to fund research for a cure for very rare genetic eye disorders that can lead to visual impairments or cause others to go blind. Melissa Russ, her husband Glenn, and their daughter Teagan, who suffers from a visual impairment herself, were on hand to represent the Foundation and play with the team.

The game ended with spectators from the audience taking a swing at the beeping baseball blindfolded like the baseball players to understand for themselves the struggles of retinal blindness. Many of our comm. students (and even comm. professor Matt Kushin) took to the floor to take a swing! Check out @sucomm on Instagram to see other pictures and videos of this event.  IMG_2149 Lots of research, planning, coordinating, and work went into executing Haley’s capstone project! It is a great example of the type of awesome things you can accomplish through the Shepherd Communication Department!


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