2015 is here! New Years Resolutions from Communications Peers!

2015_new_yearThe New Year is here! 2015 is full of surprises for us all. A new year comes with new challenges and new goals for everyone.  Some of our students will be experiencing their last semester here at Shepherd University! Graduation will be here before you know it. We asked some of our fellow students what their resolutions are for the coming year in the Comm Department for next semester. We also asked them what their general resolution for 2015 is!

Senior Communications Major Billy Marrs 


Communications Department Resolution: Billy’s resolution for the next semester is to stay focused and graduate!

Personal Resolution: Billy would like to spend some time working on his portfolio and to continue to build it as much as possible!

Junior Communications Major Torin Penwell


Communications Department Resolution: Torin’s resolution is to find a good internship next semester. Being a junior means that he will be graduating soon so an internship is a big thing on his to do list!

Personal Resolution: Torin would like to better himself by learning to go with the flow of things and to not be so uptight.

Senior Communication Major Melanie Williams


Communications Department Resolution: Melanie’s last semester is Spring 2015. So her capstone project is what she wants to focus on. Her resolution is to make the best capstone project she possibly can!

Personal Resolution: Melanie wants to better herself. This means making improvements on her mind and body. She would like to get more active and get more tattoos! Melanie said she is “simply going to do me.” She’s going to snowboard more, go to the gym, do yoga weekly, and focus on being true to herself.

Junior Communications Major Silas Wade


Communication Department Resolution: Silas’s resolution for next semester is that he wants to start putting an hour or two a week into learning how to use software programs, and also start collaborating with people instead of doing projects solo.

Personal Resolution: Silas’s resolution is that he would like to start getting up earlier in the morning and start taking Spanish more seriously as a major. Interestingly enough Silas is a DOUBLE major (props to you Silas)!

Looks like everyone in the department has some very positive resolutions for this coming year! We would like to hear all of our subscribers resolutions as well! So leave a reply and tell us what you want to do in the year that is 2015!

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