Course Spotlight: News Practicum

Every communication student will have the chance to take a practicum class in either news, radio, or new media. These classes are designed to provide the type of hands-on learning that you are looking for. COMM 348 News Practicum focuses on learning the ins and outs of news recording, reporting, and posting stories.

6300224891_95be7ac1d7_zThis semester, News Practicum has focused on an emerging type of news reporting called iPhone reporting. With the current usage of smart phones rising daily it’s no surprise we can truly say, “there’s an app for that!”

This type of reporting puts a seemingly limitless array of resources in a device that can also record and edit both audio and video files, all while in one hand! This semester, Professor Cecelia Mason’s COMM 348 News Practicum students learned how to interview sources, edit their audio in advanced editing software, and post it on many different platforms. “Using smart phones and tablets in the class has allowed  each student to have access to a recording device, and learn skills that translate to future jobs where they will be required to have multimedia skills to create content across a variety of communication platforms,” said Mason. “Smart phone reporting also gives students the opportunity to create stories and podcasts that they can post online to reach audiences directly.”

Students were given the opportunity to go outside of the classroom and report on the stories that they found exciting and interesting. You can check on the News Practicum Blog to see some of their stories in web format and find access to the audio for each story.

Professor Mason began experimenting with smart phone reporting while working with West Virginia Public Radio. She decided to bring that experience into the classroom to help students learn a new set of smartphone skills.

News Practicum is a great class to learn practical and useful skills in the Communication Department!

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