Course Spotlight: Internship

If you are a Communication student, you will run across the need for an Internship in your major requirements. There are ways to get out of it, but from me to you, DO AN INTERNSHIP! The reason for this requirement is for the benefit of “real world” experience and training. This 3-6 credit hours could truly shape your transition from college to the working world. So do it!

I am hoping that I can give you a little insight to this process because I am uniquely placed in the middle of both of these “worlds.” I am currently a full time student in the Communication Department at Shepherd University and a full time employee. How did I get there? My internship turned into my job!

Internships come in many shapes and sizes. Shepherd University and especially our Communication Department are great at sending information about available opportunities to students. Keep an eye out and most likely you will find an amazing internship opportunity.

My internship included running most of the media outlets and programs for New Life Community Church. I was given hands on experience with DSC_0025programs in the Adobe Suite that I had learned to use in my communication classes. The skills I had already learned when combined with the experience and training I received made me very successful in my first internship. After the success of the first internship and a lot of hard work, I was offered two more internships and then a full time position. Not all internships work like this. But with hard work and the experience you gain you will be a force to be reckoned with in the workplace.

Overall, an internship can provide you with the experience that employers look for in college graduates. When you mix that experience with the practical skills you will learn in the department, you are setting yourself up for great success!

Take it from me, there is a lot of value in an internship.


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