10 Things To Look Forward To Next Semester As A Comm Student

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a fun filled winter break and are ready to get back to the daily grind of a new semester!

We know. It is hard to come back from break and the arrival of a new semester is always bittersweet. But with this new semester does come some amazing benefits, especially for those of you experiencing Shepherd University’s best kept secret! It’s for that reason we give you…10 things to look forward to next semester as a Comm student:

1. All the new classes that you’re going to be taking.

2. Seeing your favorite professors in the department. We know you missed them!

3. Making new friends. It’s all about communication, but you get that.

4. Walking up 2 flights of stairs just to go to the bathroom. If you didn’t have to go before you left, you will before you get there! 🙂

5. All the new things you’ll learn like making a movie or a music video. New skills are always great learn, especially those you get to show off!

6. Pictures of Scout on Instagram. Everyone loves Professor Kushin’s famous dog Scout. Go ahead and follow her on Instagram. We know you want to.

7. The chance to be featured on the comm department Instagram, blog, or Twitter page. Don’t believe it? Check out our #MakeYourMark blog posts or Instagram pictures and videos to see your fellow classmates showing off their stuff!

8. Finally figuring out what you want to do when you’re done with school. If not, that’s ok. There are so many amazing opportunities it can be hard to pick. Plus, there’s always next semester. 🙂

9. Having some of your classes in the “basement below the basement.” By some, we mean nearly all of them.

10. Being able to have fun in class while you learn. Shepherd Comm is the best at making learning a fun and practical experience!

We know it can be sad to see the end of something as magical as winter break, but there are lots of bright things to look forward to with a new semester! See you in class!

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I am currently a missionary and the Communications Director at New Life Global Ministries. I love what I do and the people around me. Life is about following Jesus and loving people. I want to leave the world a different place than what I found it.

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