Introducing Professor Kushin

- Matt Kushin

Matt Kushin

Hi there! My name is Matt Kushin. I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Communication here at Shepherd University. I teach a variety of courses, most of which fit in the strategic communication concentration. I also teach COMM 203 Communication & New Media, a course that introduces students to our major. And I teach COMM 335 Writing Across Platforms.

Currently, I am in my third year at Shepherd University. I’m the concentration coordinator for the strategic communication concentration, which is a fairly new concentration in our department. It teaches students how to use social media and other digital tools to build relationships between organizations and their target publics. In fact, my fall 2014 COMM 322 Social Media class created some of the content on this blog (see the highlight about me in last fall’s “#MakeYourMark” series).

Before joining Shepherd, I was an assistant professor at Utah Valley University. I earned my PhD from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University (Go Cougs!). Prior to that, I got my Master’s degree from the University of Miami, Florida (Go Canes!). I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies, too!) While I’ve lived all over, I actually spent my teenage years growing up in neighboring Virginia.

I love teaching and have so much fun in the classroom sharing my passion and helping students realize their potential.  I am fascinated by our relationship with technology and how we use the social web as a way to connect and interact and how these interactions shape our world.

In addition to teaching, I conduct research on the relationship between social media, the web, and how people connect with politics and civic life. I’ve also done some research on video games. I host a social media education blog at where you can learn more about me, my teaching and my research. Questions? Contact me, send me a Tweet, or stop by my office!

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About Matthew J. Kushin

Dr. Kushin is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Shepherd University where he teaches strategic social media. His research focuses on the relationship between social media, online media, and civic and political participation. He blogs about social media education at

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