True Life: How I Got Promoted Within a Year on the Job

Hello again! Here’s the second installment in my 3-part series on my transitioning from a #ShepComm student to career person. Here’s part 1 on the job hunt if you missed it. Okay, on to part 2:

Once I landed my first “real” job out of college, I was excited to begin my career. While I was by no means starting at the bottom, one of the most intriguing aspects of my job was the ability to move up within my team and the company.

I asked about promotions and advancements in my original interview, and I was informed that many opportunities were available and even more were being developed. So, as I began my new position, I worked hard. And, I worked hard to gain the respect of my co-workers and management. While I truly believe this paid off, I also tried to show initiate by volunteering to help with special projects and develop better ideas to help our processes.

Before I knew it, a senior position opened up on my team. Although I had not even been working for the company an entire year, I decided that I needed to interview.

I was confident in the work I produced and confident in my ability to be promoted and succeed. I also realized, though, that even if I was not offered the promotion, this round of interviews would better prepare me for the next time, and it would show my management that I was interested and serious about moving up. In the end, I was not selected for that opportunity. But, I stayed positive and knew I was even more prepared for the next opportunity.

A few months later, another senior position opened on my team. At this point, I was at the company for about a year and truly felt this was my opportunity. Before I interviewed, though, I took time to think about my current position and develop ideas for team improvements and personal improvements and goals. I wanted to let my management know that I sincerely cared about our team and would be the best choice for the position. I left my interview feeling like I accomplished many things! Ultimately, I knew the decision may come down to more than just a single interview; however, I felt I represented myself the best way I could and gave the management some insightful ideas to consider.

After what seemed like a decade (although it was really just a little over a week), the management finally made a decision. It was me!

I was thrilled. But I knew my work was just beginning. I accepted the position and have been a senior on my team for about 6 months now!

This experience has been very rewarding for me, and I hope to be able to advance further in the future. For now, I am focusing on continuing my hard work and dedication to my job. Overall, I attribute many of these critical skills that have helped me to succeed to my college experience. College taught me many things. I learned how to work hard, take initiative, and dedicate myself to something worthwhile. I cannot predict what the future will hold, but I will be obtaining an MBA form Shepherd University this May, which will be more discussed in my next blog post!

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About Ashley Laspina

After graduating from Shepherd University in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Communication and New Media, I am approaching my graduation in the MBA program at Shepherd. I am working full time at a local online university, and was recently promoted to a senior on my team. I am looking forward to continuing my education in psychology once I complete by MBA in May of 2015.

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