Student Experience: Diving Into The World of Advertising

Looking back to Spring Semester last year, I couldn’t have been any more excited for COMM 406 Advertising and Imagery. Usually, I’d read the course description for a class and think it would be boring. My reaction to reading this course’s description was the complete opposite and held up to my high expectations.

We did all I imagined we would plus more. My favorite part of this course was working on actual projects. These assignments were the first things I did related to advertising and imagery. I had always been interested in this topic but hadn’t done my own work. Because this class was where my first work was created, I didn’t have “A” material. I knew I wouldn’t and accepted that.

The main projects we did were really interesting and relevant to things going on at that time. An example of that was the political campaign assignment. We each chose a senator in the U.S to do our campaign on. I chose Hawaii mainly because I knew most people were probably going to do West Virginia or a state nearby and because one of my best friends lives in Hawaii so, I wanted to gain some knowledge on their politics.

This is the link to my Political Ad (keep in mind I was and still am VERY new to most of the programs we use in Communications):

Another project we did was a campaign for Sneeks, which was really fun to do. I did three images that went together in sort of a series. This wasn’t exactly what she wanted from us for the assignment. That’s the important thing to remember while working on your degree. This is all about learning. I gained a lot of useful information from this course and it aided in a huge chunk of my decision to pursue advertising after college.

jessicaadsit_bothjessicaadsit_boys  jessicaadsit_girlsAlong with both of these really interesting projects, we also had a pro bono case to do. Our topic was West Virginia’s water quality. This was an eye-opening project. I used ComicLife. It was fun to create these fun and different flyers. Overall, I highly recommend this course to all COMM students as well as people who are just interested in Advertising and Imagery. You are getting your money’s worth in this course.

ProBono1 ProBono2 ProBono3

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About Jessy Lynn

I am currently a Senior at Shepherd University studying Communications with a focus in Media Studies. My minor is Psychology. I am looking for a part-time position while in school in Advertising and Marketing or with a business that can improve my experience in Communications fields. I will be graduating in Spring 2015 with my Bachelor's Degree in Communications and would like to gain some knowledge and experience before doing so. I am very new to wordpress but think the concept of making my personal portfolio is a great idea. Going into the real world will be much easier having this to add on and refer to in the future.

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