Student Experience: Experimenting with Experimental Video

I took this class my freshman year, which was pretty intimidating considering it was an upper level course and I had never really taken any Communication classes before. I didn’t really know what to expect with a title of “Experimental Video” either. I had been interested in directors and theories and the basis of the two for a long time, so I thought that this class would be a good fit. We studied both classic and contemporary work that dug into a deeper meaning of family, language, class, race, power, spirituality and much more. We looked at many different approaches to all kinds of different production. I really enjoyed studying directors and their methods, but my favorite part of this class was being able to take my knowledge and put it into a work of my own. One of the directors whose work we viewed, had a style that took short clips from different settings and edited them together in a way that made the viewer feel a certain way. It allowed the viewer to be able to see short bits of what the director was seeing and take from it something different than anyone else would. I decided to try and use this method for my own experimental video and this is what I came up with:

I think this course is a very important course to take if you want to be involved in video production. It looks at video in a completely different way and really gets your mind thinking and creating. I would definitely recommend taking this course because I am very glad that I did!


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