Student Experience: Hands-On Fun Campaigning

COMM 406 Advertising and Imagery is an awesome class! To me, it felt like I wasn’t just sitting in a boring classroom. I felt like I was engaging in what life would be like working for an advertising company. Each project was exciting! As students (or in my mind–advertisers), we would be given the information about a certain product (the brand name, the target audience, the goal, and etc.) and then we would create our own campaign for that product. This leaves a lot of creativity to you. It’s a fun challenge to make your ads stand out, meet the criteria, and have a consistent message that makes your campaign…well…YOUR campaign!

One of my favorite projects was the MUNDAY’S Pale Lager. We had to create an ad campaign for the lager that would appeal to 65+ men and women with a household income $100,000. Also– psychographic educated, both liberals and conservatives.

For my project, I wanted to make my target audience to be portrayed as wise. As for making my campaign clearly consistent, I decided to use two characters that appear in each ad. Here are two of my ads from the MUNDAY’S campaign:


  • tyokum01_beer_ad2
  • tyokum01_beer_ad1


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About t_yokum

A Shepherd University senior, graduating in December 2015 with a BS degree in COMM/NEW MEDIA (with a concentration in Media Studies) & a minor in Art. I am easily remembered by my country accent. I'm a WV native. Besides keeping busy with college work, I enjoy riding horses, drinking coffee, and binge-watching on Netflix.

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