Student Experience: Lights, Camera, Screamo

To say that Music Video is a fun class would be an understatement. I have never been one to sit back and think, “I really want to make a music video.” However, I would take this class again to have the experience I did throughout production.

There are different processes that go into making a music video, which was the first tid bit I found out. There is pre-production also known as the planning stage. My partner and I had to set aside time to meet, who to make the music video with, and what props, lighting, etc we would need.

Then, we moved into the actual production stage. This is when we finally met with the band at a local bar where they were performing live and got some film shots of them setting up and breaking down equipment, and of course, performing. The band we worked with were some friends of mine, which made this process a lot of fun as well. Also, these guys are really laid back so, that made filming easy and less stressful. Once we felt we had gotten the footage we needed, we called it a night.

The next and final step is post-production. This is when we had to sit down and edit the video. We added some awesome lighting effects and other additions to really bring the video together. Now, I am sure you all are DYING to see and hear our masterpiece so, I have attached a link below.

As mentioned above, this class was AWESOME! I highly recommend anyone even remotely interested in music or music videos take this course. What other course would you be able to study/watch music videos and create your own?

DISCLAIMER: This was my partner and my first work with anything like this. With that being known, I am extremely proud of this final product. I am not the biggest fan of this music genre so, I totally understand if you want to see our effects but mute the sound throughout the video’s duration.

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About Jessy Lynn

I am currently a Senior at Shepherd University studying Communications with a focus in Media Studies. My minor is Psychology. I am looking for a part-time position while in school in Advertising and Marketing or with a business that can improve my experience in Communications fields. I will be graduating in Spring 2015 with my Bachelor's Degree in Communications and would like to gain some knowledge and experience before doing so. I am very new to wordpress but think the concept of making my personal portfolio is a great idea. Going into the real world will be much easier having this to add on and refer to in the future.

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