About the Strategic Communication Concentration

Hello! My name is Matt Kushin. I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Communication here at Shepherd University. I teach the courses in, and am the coordinator for, the strategic communication concentration. This concentration is currently in its third year. So it is fairly new to our department! What is the strategic communication concentration?

A concentration is a series of classes that communication majors take along with a set of core classes that all comm majors take. We have four concentrations. The strategic concentration focuses on combining our department’s emphasis on new media with preparing students for careers as strategically-minded communicators utilizing social media and digital tools to build positive relationships between organizations and their audiences – fields like public relations and social media. In fact, with the rapidly changing media landscape, social media has become a primary way that people engage with brands and causes they care about. Think of a brand or a cause that you care deeply about and connect with via social media. Did you know there is a team of people helping foster your relationship with that brand or cause? They are there to help an organization do a number of important things like understand their audience and its needs, help the organization adapt to those needs and communicate with the public in a way that strengthens the relationship between the organization and the target audience, build awareness of the organization, and tell the organization’s story in a compelling way. Those are the skills the strategic communication concentration aims to teach you.

Currently, there are 4 classes in the concentration. They are:

  1. COMM 321 Public Relations Principles
  2. COMM 322 Social Media
  3. COMM 435 Communication Research
  4. COMM 470 Strategic Campaigns

There is also a writing class that covers both traditional and web and social media writing I teach designed to fit the concentration:

  1. COMM 335 Writing Across Platform

If you have questions about the concentration, feel free to contact me or stop by my office!

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About Matthew J. Kushin

Dr. Kushin is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Shepherd University where he teaches strategic social media. His research focuses on the relationship between social media, online media, and civic and political participation. He blogs about social media education at MattKushin.com

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