3 Social Media Mistakes Every College Student Can’t Afford To Make

What do you use social media for? Go ahead, think about it for a minute.Do you post pictures and personal statuses, or do you use social media to share other peoples’ and companies’ content?

The next question to consider is: comm 3do you post things on social media that you would be okay with potential employers seeing?

While it is very easy to imagine the only people that ever look at your posts are your friends and family, it is important to remember that now days nearly everyone has access to your social media accounts. It is not an uncommon practice for employers that are interested in hiring you to check out what you are talking about or who you are talking to on your social media accounts. Therefore, while what you wish to post on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is still completely up to you, here’s a list of things to keep in mind when you go to let everyone on the internet know your business.

1) Party Pics: Yes, we all know that sharing your raving good time with all your friends is fun. However, some employers could take an excessive amount of posts about partying or drinking on Friday night, or actual pictures of you partying, as a sign that you are potentially irresponsible. In addition, sometimes you are not fully aware of what you are posting; those pictures or unintelligible posts come off as potential liabilities. You may be thinking that by the time potential employers are looking at your social media you will have put the college partying days behind you. However, potential employers see posts from/about partying on the weekends and no matter when they are from they are likely wondering how reliable you will be come Monday morning of the work week.

2) Complaining: Everyone likes to complain. We understand. However, complaining on public media, especially about work, bosses, school, professors etc., is not the best decision. While a quick post about school or work isn’t all that bad, complaining about them, or worse complaining about particular people, is a big no-no. If potential

Actually, don't. . .

Actually, don’t. . .

employers see you slandering or complaining about your professor or boss on social media, there are a slew of thoughts that could come to mind: this person is a complainer, do I really want to hire a complainer? This person may not be trust worthy, is it really the professor/boss that is awful or is it this person? The list goes on. You may be thinking, but my professor/boss really is that annoying/mean/lazy, or what have you. It doesn’t matter. You are better safe than sorry. Don’t complain about school or work, especially your boss or professor, on social media.

3) Proper Grammar: You’re probably thinking: “But, this is social media! Everyone abbreviates and no one is a stickler about the grammar and employers know that!” I understand how you feel. But, the truth is that employers are most definitely looking at your grammar and language in your social media posts. Improper grammar or misuse of language makes the user of the social media sites look ignorant, sloppy, and lazy, three things potential employers are not looking for in new hires. The take away from this suggestion: take a few extra minutes to write and check your post to make sure you come across as the intelligent and diligent, full of potential person you are!!

There you have it, a few quick tidbits on how to make your social media accounts more appealing to potential employers. You are putting a lot of time, energy, and money into going to college, so don’t let a few bad posts or decisions shared on Facebook ruin your opportunities to get the job of your dreams!

Here in Shepherd University’s Communication and New Media department, we are learning what social media’s role in the modern world is. We will let you in on a secret: the role is big and growing. Not only are employers using it to screen potential employees,Comm 2 but those that are employees often have to use the social media sites of the company they end up working for. Therefore, showing those potential employers you are responsible with your own social media accounts will prove that you can be reliable and responsible with other things, like the work you do for their company. So take care what you put out there on social media for the world to see, because you never know when an employer may be considering you for your dream job.

Take away thought: First impressions can mean a lot, and if an employer’s first impression of you is your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, what kind of impression would you make? One you would be proud of? If not, consider deleting a few posts you have and/or being more careful on social media in the future.

By: Chloe Powers


#TechThursday – 5 Quick Tips for Making Magic With Adobe Premiere Pro

Who hasn’t dreamed of one day making an epic film or groundbreaking music video?

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. With Adobe Premiere Pro it is as simple as a drag and drop.

With Premiere, you can easily do things from splitting and cutting clips to adding things effects like saturation and contrast.  Here are 5 tips to help you quickly go from newbie to creator of great video content in Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Get Organized. This will stop you from dealing with headaches when something you’ve been working on wants to magically disappear. Drag groups of clips onto the new bin tab to automatically add them to have an area for your clips.
  2. Splitting clips is easy as selecting the tool resembling a razor blade.  After selecting the razor tool, all you need to do is select where you want to split the clip and then press enter to finish the action.  Be sure to switch back to the regular select tool after, otherwise you will split additional clips on accident!
  3. Undoing Mistakes. Speaking of accidents, it is bound to happen. However they are easily erased.  Under the edit tab, you will find the undo button, this of course will undo any action you have just done. There is also a redo button if you go too far back.
  4. Delete. Deleting clips is also easy! All one must do, is click on the desired clip, and press the delete button on your keyboard. If you would like to also delete the gap that is left behind after the clip you can select the gap, go to the edit tab, and then choose ripple delete.
  5. Save Time By Dragging. When you’re making a film, it is a long and arduous process.  You’ve got a ton of clips you want to use. Utilize drag and drop features of importing content into Adobe Premiere Pro.  If you keep files on your desktop, its easy to drag files to adobe premiere and creates tracks. This will save you the annoying task of digging through folders when trying to import content.

These tricks are just scratching the surface of what you can do. But, they’ll get you started on your way to saving time and feeling confident. One day, you’ll be editing your Hollywood film.  That is the beauty of Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s easy to pick up and if mastered, it can be used to create something great.

If you want to learn more about how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, check out a few our the film and video classes in the Department of Communication & New Media here at Shepherd University. I’ve have a ton of fun learning Premiere Pro in COMM 333 Music Video and COMM 350 Single-Camera Production.

If you’ve got your own Adobe Premiere Pro tips you’d like to share, drop us a comment below or Tweet us at @ShepComm with #TechThursday and we’ll get back to you!

By: Adam Oester

The SU Comm #PumpkinCarvingContest Results

Who at Shepherd University can carve the best jack-o’-lantern?

That’s a question the Instagram team in Dr. Kushin’s Social Media class set out to find out. And, so the students launched a #pumpkincarvingcontest.

We had a ton of fun watching the entries come in. The winner will be announced today around lunchtime. To find out who wins, follow the Shepherd University Communication Department’s Instagram account. Thanks to everyone who submitted a pumpkin! They were all awesome. And it was no easy task for the class to pick a winner!

In the meantime, you can check out all 14 entries below! Which would you have picked?

bekahnipepumpkin bekahnipepumpkin2 ciarahallpumpkin emilyhooperpumpkin kaitlynsimmonspumpkin1 kaitlynsimmonspumpkin2 kushinpumpkin1 kushinpumpkin2 kushinpumpkin3 lauraknockpumpkin lauraknockpumpkin2 laurenbarberpumpkin pumpkin3 sethwilsonpumpkin

Was the campaign a success? Definitely! The students surpassed their goal of 10 entries with a total of 14 entries in under 3 days. Their contest received 44 likes and 7 comments. The Program Board and Shepherd University also shared the posts, earning an additional 67 likes. Our Instagram account picked up 10 new followers as a result of this fun contest!