The SU Comm #PumpkinCarvingContest Results

Who at Shepherd University can carve the best jack-o’-lantern?

That’s a question the Instagram team in Dr. Kushin’s Social Media class set out to find out. And, so the students launched a #pumpkincarvingcontest.

We had a ton of fun watching the entries come in. The winner will be announced today around lunchtime. To find out who wins, follow the Shepherd University Communication Department’s Instagram account. Thanks to everyone who submitted a pumpkin! They were all awesome. And it was no easy task for the class to pick a winner!

In the meantime, you can check out all 14 entries below! Which would you have picked?

bekahnipepumpkin bekahnipepumpkin2 ciarahallpumpkin emilyhooperpumpkin kaitlynsimmonspumpkin1 kaitlynsimmonspumpkin2 kushinpumpkin1 kushinpumpkin2 kushinpumpkin3 lauraknockpumpkin lauraknockpumpkin2 laurenbarberpumpkin pumpkin3 sethwilsonpumpkin

Was the campaign a success? Definitely! The students surpassed their goal of 10 entries with a total of 14 entries in under 3 days. Their contest received 44 likes and 7 comments. The Program Board and Shepherd University also shared the posts, earning an additional 67 likes. Our Instagram account picked up 10 new followers as a result of this fun contest!

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About Matthew J. Kushin

Dr. Kushin is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Shepherd University where he teaches strategic social media. His research focuses on the relationship between social media, online media, and civic and political participation. He blogs about social media education at

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