#TechThursday – 5 Awesome Things You Should Know About Hootsuite

It’s more than a fun name. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that was launched as a Twitter dashboard (think Tweetdeck, but completely different) back in 2008 by Invoke Media and has grown to be so much more since then.

Thanks to Dr. Kushin, Shepherd University’s communication students get to use the pro version of Hootsuite in COMM 322 Social Media! Here are 5 awesome things you should know about Hootsuite:

It’s not just for Twitter!multiple_owls-640x296

     Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social media platforms, it isn’t just Twitter anymore. Hootsuite covers your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and your WordPress blogs (like this one!). Even better, Hootsuite lets you manage multiple accounts on the same platform – so having three Facebook pages on top of your personal profile is fine.

It’s portable!hootsuite-owl

     Hootsuite is available on iOS and Android devices – but sadly not Windows devices – for those of you who love to work cross-platform. Obviously the apps can’t do everything the web client can, but they still have a lot of benefits. You can still track your shared content, schedule your social content, geo-tag your posts, translate content, and search for conversations that are relevant to your content – and all of this can be done across the same social platforms that you have access to on Hootsuite’s web client.

You can manage what goes where and when!hoots

     With the help of Hootsuite, those sometimes dauntingly complex publishing plans you have can be a breeze. You can push targeted content to specific users on just one or two platforms, instead of just blasting it out to the whole world. But you can also do just that, if you want. Hootsuite lets you cross-post content on however many different platforms you want! Just keep in mind that your Facebook content might get cut short when it hits Twitter’s 140-character limit. You can also reblog, retweet, like, and favorite content just like you would normally if you were sitting on Twitter or Facebook.

There’s a built-in Klout score slider!klouthoot

     Want to see the influence of the people you’re interacting with? No problem, just use the Klout filter in any tabs’ search icon and see who has higher scores than others. Don’t know what a Klout score is? That’s another reason you should sign up the Communication & New Media Department’s COMM 322 Social Media class. You’ll get to see your own Klout score, if you haven’t already.

Build your team and stay connected all in one place!groupshoot

     Hootsuite lets you create teams to help manage your different social platforms. After you build a team, you can give everyone different tasks to focus on. You can send certain Twitter mentions to different team members for them to respond to. Your team can message each other privately (making it easy to stay in contact if someone’s out of the office), and split up any work that needs to be done so people don’t end up working on the same thing by accident. Creating a team means that you don’t have to share your Twitter password with everyone helping you. Instead, you can just grant them access to it on Hootsuite (which you can revoke at anytime without needing to change your password). But, in order to create teams you need to have either Hootsuite Pro or Enterprise – neither of which are free. But once again, if you take COMM 322, you’ll get access to this function in class for free!

These are just a few awesome things about Hootsuite. It’s a great tool to know how to use if you want to do any work with social media. Not only will you learn how to use Hootsuite in COMM 322 Social Media, but you’ll also get access to Hootsuite University where you can get officially certified for Hootsuite (which will look great on that resume you’re building).

So what do you think of Hootsuite? Have you used it before? Comment below or Tweet us at @ShepComm using #TechThursday and let us know!

By: Ed Smith


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