Four Myths You’ve Been Told About Finals Week

The end of the semester has once again come upon us, and if you are like most students, now is about the time you begin to freak out, stress out, and maybe want to just bail out all together.

I am here to tell you, however, that you can make it through finals! There are lots of things that students believe must or will happen during finals week that simply aren’t true and all they do is add to all that stress you already have to deal with. Let me tell you how to make your life easier during finals week, and lets lighten the mood a little. Are you ready? Let the destressing begin!

Myth One: You have to cram for finals. Um, no you don’t. Actually, cramming for finals is a pretty bad idea. You may be saying: “Studying right before the exam means all the information will be fresh in my mind.” First of all, if you do not know any of the information you cannot expect blog 2yourself to be able to learn an entire semester’s worth of information in a few hours. Refreshing the information in your mind in the few hours before the exam is totally healthy and acceptable. However when you cram you are usually stressed, and when you’re stressed you are not able to completely focus on the information you need to know, and then you’re stressed because you can’t focus, and then you don’t sleep because you feel you don’t know the information…do you see the vicious cycle? Therefore, whoever told you cramming was a good idea…well, you put the pieces together.

Myth Two: Your grade on your final is everything. It is highly unlikely that the grade on your final exam is going to make or break your grade in the class for the whole semester. Yes, if you bomb the final it will affect your grade, but if you have been trying hard the whole semester and if you give it your all on the final it is likely you’ll end up
with a decent grade for the class. Your professors are not out to get you, they want to see you succeed (especially if your professors are from out Communication Department), therefore, while they may challenge you they are not trying to make you fail the blog2.2class, or college. On the other end, don’t go crazy trying to calculate your percentages and grades to figure out what you have to get to pass, to keep a grade, and so on; but if you must calculate that number don’t let it stress you out too much, you never know what extra credit, participation points, or grading curve your professor calculates in there that you don’t know about. Just do your best and you will be just fine.

Myth Three: You are in college now, so all-nighters are mandatory during finals week. Are you kidding? Do you realize how important sleep is yo you during finals? Of course, college is definitely the time where most of us regret not enjoying nap time as kids because we sure do love our sleep now. Also, all semester long you have known the importance of a health six to eight hours of sleep a night: finals week is no exception to that rule. Yes, you may be a little blog 2.6busier than normal and those hours of sleep may dwindle closer to fewer a night, but all-nighters before an exam is just not the answer. Lack of sleep slows down your brain which is, obviously, bad for final exams. You want to do your best and be at the top of your game for these finals? Set a schedule for yourself all week, make yourself take study breaks and get enough Z’s every night.

Myth Four: You can’t have any fun during finals week. Now,to tell yourself such a thing is cruel. Of course you can have some fun! In fact, it is probably healthy for you to have a little fun or some time set aside where you aren’t thinking about your finals. Granted, make sure you leave time to study, but that hour or so of fun time is highly essential to blog 2.5your mental health. A lot of campuses, like Shepherd University, even help you with relaxing by having fun activities out for you to do in between exams, or have local animal shelters bring some furry friends for you to love on and play with to blow off some steam; because who doesn’t feel much better after a little puppy love? If you want to learn about some of those events, just be sure to follow the Program Board or Shepherd University’s Student Affairs social media accounts.

Do you see? Finals week is not the end of the world. Sometimes it may feel like the Apocalypse has begun, but if you just take a second to relax and breath you will find that you are going to do just fine, especially now that you have realized at least four things about finals week you’ve been believing are just myths! Don’t you feel much better now?

How do you stay sane during finals week? Are there any tricks you have found your fellow students could benefit from? Do you have any other myths to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Studying!



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