Twitter Bird Gets The Worm: Shepherd University Communication Department’s Twitter Team

As some students know, The Shepherd University Communication Department has a lot going on to get the students more involved in amazing opportunities. One of the ways that we spread the word is by reaching out using social media platforms. Aside from this blog, we have several other accounts, one of which is run by the Twitter team, aka the #CommCrusaders, in our COMM 322 Social Media class.

This awesome team of motivated students posts events, contests, and information concerning upcoming ways to get more involved both around campus as well as in the Communication Department. They’ve been working hard to keep our Twitter account full of current and relevant information. In this way, not only do we reach students outside the department, but we give a fun and active experience of what life is like as a communication student.

Twitter group 1

The Twitter team having fun dressed up for Halloween with Dr. Kushin

Abby Buchanan, a member of the Twitter group, described her experience. “The opportunity that we have been given as the Twitter team in our social media class has been great! It’s beneficial to be able to communicate with the department as a whole, and be brought together in such different ways.”

Twitter group 2

The Comm Crusaders Having Fun While Working on Their Twitter content

When asked what her group’s goal was with the wide array of creative content they’ve created this semester, from the fun and informative #CommCrusader video series they’ve run throughout the semester to the “Straight Outta Comm”meme  and “Throwback Thursday” posts about professors, Abby stated: “To get the word out there that the Communications Department is a really fun and creative place to be, where you can network with students who have similar interests and goals.”

Technology and media are so important in this day in age, and in order to be successful students need develop the ability to use social media tools to tell compelling stories and engage audiences. Judging by all the original, creative, and fun content the Twitter team has created, it is safe to say they are gaining great experience applying what they’ve learned in class through a hands-on assignment.

If you haven’t yet, check out our department’s Twitter account @ShephComm. You’ll find all the original content the #CommCrusaders have created this semester. And be sure to stay tuned as more content will be coming out over the winter break!


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