Breaks Over! (But Not Quite in Our Books)

Most of us dread the days of coming back to school after a nice long and relaxed winter break. But alas- the holiday’s have passed us and ahead lies a few months of dedicated, hard work. It’s not too bad, and definitely doable. In the communication department, we know what it’s like to come back to school after a month break. And we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to end your break entirely, here’s how to keep it alive!

No Dress Code


Why not dress down for class? In fact, wear your favorite winter fuzzy socks under some boots to give you that comfort of feeling like you’re still at home on the couch. This is a sure way to stay warm without deviating from your normal attire too much.


Friday Nights Are For Netflix 

Your communication professor has been making major references to a movie that you’ve never seen, and you’re finally free to watch it this Friday. Instead of going out with friends, invite them over for a movie night. It’ll give you some nostalgia for nights spent outside of school, while helping give you a new conversation starter for your next class.

Skip the Coffee



Instead of a warm cup of your usual coffee, fill  your mug with hot cocoa for class. This might not keep you awake, but it’s sure to keep the winter spirit alive!



Winter Isn’t Over – Yet

Finally, you can still bundle up with hot cocoa and watch holiday movies. There’s no shame in doing so even past the holiday’s. Here are a few movie suggestions to get you in the mood:

  • Elf
  • One Magic Christmas
  • Gremlins
  • Jingle All The Way

Comment below and let us know what your favorite holiday movie is (that you can watch even after the festivities have passed!)