Tacos and A Sense of Community

Adam Oester

Adam Oester

Capstone was a really awesome experience, I was able to go out, set up my own project for the restaurant Maria’s, and then work with both my client and the department to create a marketing campaign. First and foremost, using social media as a marketing tool was a lot of fun and proved to be quite efficient. I was able to create the sense of a small town business priding itself on its loyalty and love for its customers, and also able to interact with said audience. Whether it was posting a picture, or even just replying back to a picture that the Instagram was tagged in, I was fully immersed with my audience. Social media was a great way to create a relationship with my audience and still be professional.

Image (1)Image

The presentation of my Capstone was very eye opening as well. I’m not going lie, I was really quite nervous however when I arrived at the Student Center, that all turned into excitement. So many people were coming up to my board and asking me both about the restaurant and the pros and cons of using social media as an advertising tool. Everyone there was genuinely interested in my project, and was lucky to be able to converse with all of them.


Overall, this capstone class was very informative, interesting, and even fun. I got to work with social media, one of my favorite restaurants, and the Comm Department’s great faculty to create my first real marketing strategy. I really appreciate the experience.


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