El Blog Ultimo

Silas Wade

My Capstone idea to shoot a pilot episode to a sitcom about college students was born in an unlikely place; a dorm living room, surrounded by friends, air mattresses, and maybe a beer or two. But we did it. A script was written, many shoots were had, and long nights editing in Adobe Premiere Pro became my norm.

I learned how to be a director, get the best shots possible, plan ahead, and assert myself. I learned how to lead and motivate others. My editing skills reached new levels. I learned to do research and humbled myself to my professors and mentors. Truest of all, I learned that my cast, my friends, are some of the best friends one could have. I’ve been very blessed. It’s been a great ride. I’ve had more fun than I ever imagined, and probably learned more this semester than my past 5 semesters as a Communication major.

I’ve posted a title sequence that I made for the pilot episode. It features footage from all the various shoots and an original theme song written by myself, cast member Andrew Lochner, and friend and mentor, Clay Malone.

Also, here is the script if you would like to read it: Crew (First Shooting Draft)



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