The End of the Pink Era

Charlotte Bellotte

Charlotte Bellotte wrote a research paper on media framing of the “female Viagra” for her Capstone project.

It’s finally over! I’m so happy to say that my final capstone presentation was on Monday, April 18th, and I could not be more proud of all my work and accomplishments this semester with this research paper. Thanks to Monica, the center panel looked great, and I think overall the look of my presentation board was neat and clean. There was a great crowd and many people took interest in my project, and felt that doing a controversial topic was an awesome idea. Overall, the presentation was very relaxed and I received great feedback.

The research paper was definitely an exciting, but frustrating project to undertake, but after I finished I was more than pleased. I researched into media framing, framing of the women’s movement, framing of the birth control pill and Viagra, and previous research that has been done on the new drug Flibanserin, or as the media called it “female Viagra.”I looked at how the media framed female Viagra and compared the results with the birth control pill and Viagra, and examined the implications in terms of social movements, such as the women’s movement, affecting the media framing of these lifestyle drugs. The abstract for my paper is this:

In the last 60 years, the United States has witnessed a host of social movements, such as the women’s movement and the sexual revolution, that have profoundly affected the way our society thinks in terms of the role of women, gender equality, and sex. This article establishes that culture and media are undeniably entangled, therefore by examining the media framing of controversial topics, we can see how frames reflect broader societal issues and cultural trends. In a content analysis of 43 news articles from major U.S. publications, the author examines the presence, absence, and dominant frames in each article relating to the recent FDA approval of what the media deemed “Female Viagra” in order to gain a better understanding of how our society views’ toward sexuopharmaceuticals have evolved in relation to gender roles and equality. Despite the controversy, the researcher found that the drug was framed in a positive light, possibly highlighting the successes of the broader women’s movement in regard to greater gender equality.

It was approved to be submitted to Shepherd’s undergraduate research, Sparks, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it gets published. If I could get it published, that would be an incredible thing to put on a CV for grad school, which is my ultimate goal. I really took pride in my research and in this topic because women’s issues is something that I personally feel passionate about. I also took great interest in the media framing subject, because understanding the power and influence the media has on our society is a concept that I think everyone should understand and be aware of. In essence, I’m very proud of the research I’ve done and I could not be more happy with the results.

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Hello there! My name is Charlotte and I am a graduating senior at Shepherd University with a major in Communication/Strategic Communication and a minor in Political Science. This is a compilation of some of the work that I've done over the past four years that I encourage you to explore.

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