Are You the Comm Student with the Best Halloween Costume? Prove it with #ShepCommContest on Instagram

Ready to get your ghoul on?

The Shepherd University Communication department is hosting its very own costume contest! We want to know which #shepcomm student has the best costume this Halloween!

What’s the Prize?

It’s a SURPRISE! The only way to know for sure is to get to work making the absolute best costume you can that is sure


Finalists from last year’s comm contest

to crush the competition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to rub your win in the faces of every other student in the department! Better start thinking now because #shepcomm students don’t mess around! Just look at the finalists from the pumpkin carving contest last year.

How to Enter!

  • Submit a photo wearing your Halloween costume for a chance to be featured on our page and win some goodies!
  • To enter, post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #ShepCommContest.
  • Entries must be in by midnight Oct. 30.
  • Vote for the winner via @ShepComm Twitter poll Oct 31st.
  • Winner will be announced Nov. 1st.
  • Must be a comm major or minor (or taking a comm class currently) to win!

PLEASE be aware that this is a Shepherd University Comm Department contest. We do not want to see anything explicit or inappropriate. If you wouldn’t show your sweet innocent Grandma, please don’t send it to us. 🙂

We’ll be reposting entries across our social platforms- so stay tuned in the days before Halloween to see the competition.

Don’t forget to vote for the winner @ShepComm on October 31! Also check out the comm department Instagram  and the newest platform, Snapchat!


Need some costume ideas? Check out this article on! 


3 Artists You Didn’t Know Majored in Communication

“A communications degree is fairly easy.”

Let’s put that myth to rest right now.

As a communication major, I can attest to the fact that the statement is false. Instead let’s replace that sentiment with, “People who pursue communication degrees continue to push the boundaries and trail blaze through their respective facets in the field of communication.” Did you know Matthew McConaughey graduated from the College of Communication at the University of Texas, with a B.S. in radio, television, and film?

But he’s not the only big name you probably didn’t know studied communication.

Here are some of the best examples of individuals who took their communications degrees and blew the roof off of film, television, and music.

  1. Jermaine Cole, also more famously known as J.Cole, graduated magna cum laude at St. John’s University with a major in communication and minor in business. J. Cole came onto the hip-hop scene as Jay-Z’s protégée, being the first artist to sign to Jay’s “Roc Nation” label.

J. Cole tearing up the stage at Bonnaroo 2016

Cole blew up with his sophomore album Born Sinner, which featured artists ranging from TLC to Kendrick Lamar. In 2014, J. Cole debuted his critically renowned record, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which went double platinum as of June 2016.



2. Spike Lee, the visionary mind behind the films such as Inside Man and Malcom X, began his career with a B.A. in Mass Communication from Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia. To this day, the acclaimed director, actor, writer, and producer continues to create sociopolitical pieces that provoke the topics of urban crime, race relations, media in current society, and poverty.


Spike Lee on the set of his film, Inside Man, alongside Clive Owen (left) and Denzel Washington (right)

Lee has been nominated twice for an academy award; one for the documentary 4 Little Girls and another for his film Do the Right Thing. In 2016, Lee finally received an honorary award for being a creative powerhouse in film history.


3. Stephen Colbert, best known from The Colbert Report, graduated from Northwestern University School of Communication with his degree in Mass Communication. Colbert is famous for engaging a new audience with American politics and world issues while simultaneously poking fun at everyone.


Stephen Colbert bringing his sociopolitical satire to prime-time television

Colbert played his character, which is described by himself as a “well-intentioned, poorly informed, high status idiot”, on the self-titled show from October 2005 until December 2014. Colbert replaced David Letterman as host of “The Late Show” on CBS in September of 2015, and was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people, twice.

So you never know who in your communication class will be the next big artist. Sounds to me like one more reason to be friendly with all of your classmates in the communication department.


A World Class Internship with Volvo Group


Hi, I’m Jo!

13221264_1008611222526785_5554647521607691532_oI will be graduating from the communication department in December 2016. My concentration is Strategic Communication, and my minor is Entrepreneurship – a division of the business department. This year, I moved to West Virginia when my fiance and I bought a home in Inwood. I am writing this post as Jo Lohr, but by the time you read it I will be Jo Mahaney! 2016 is also the year I opened Photography by Jo, LLC.

During my years at Shepherd, I have been an RA, managed the Rams Volleyball team, and worked with the Rude Mechanicals. My sophomore year, I interned for Charles Town Now before receiving an internship offer from Volvo Group Trucks in May 2015. I spent a year and a half with Volvo, and have just accepted a position as a Communication Specialist at Brethren Mutual Insurance Company in Hagerstown, MD. Continue reading

5 Ways to Stay Motivated After Midterms

If you’re like me, your motivation seems to always dwindle right around the time midterms come to an end. You’ve worked hard up to this point and you’re counting the days until Winter Break. But wait! Don’t give up! You’re halfway there! Here are 5 awesome ways to keep that motivation sparked even after midterms have passed (and enjoy doing so).

1. Keep a List of ‘Things to Do’ 

Keeping a to-do list may seem cliché, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure you get 12221292503_3f501e785c_oeverything done and leave nothing out. Lists have been proven to actually help you stay organized and on track. Stop by your local convenience store and pick out a cool notebook with a design that catches your eye, that way you’ll enjoy carrying it around. Use different color pens to keep track of what you have planned for each day, and put a little smiley face (or check) next to each activity as you complete it.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals to keep yourself on the right path never hurts. Start small, like finishing your whole checklist before the weekend, leaving more time to hang out with friends and family. Then you can go for a bigger goal like finishing your homework before you work on that homemade film you’ve been sneaking time for.

3. Reward Yourself 

That box of cookies been staring you down each time you open the pantry? Allow yourself a few every night when you’ve checked everything off your list. Or what about that brand new accessory you’ve been dying to buy, but are totally putting off because you know you’ll feel guilty? Every goal you accomplish, treat yourself! Get the new camera, or download that new album you’ve wanted to listen to.

4. Don’t Cram 

Stay ahead of the game, don’t let yourself fall into those oh-so easy habits of cramming the night before you have a deadline.This almost ever only leads to too little sleep and too much stress. Make sure you are staying ahead of the game now and it’ll pay off in the long run, (and probably save you a lot of last-minute stress). 16934818300_20291a2fe7_o.jpg

5. Take breaks!

You’ve been studying and doing well, staying on top of your stuff for a while now. You deserve a break every now and then too though. Every few hours, take a 30 minute break and grab a bite with a friend, or take a walk through campus to get blood flowing again. You’ll come back more relaxed, and have an easier time concentrating.

If these tips haven’t already got your creative juices flowing and ready to get to work again, enjoy this motivational quote from our very own Matt Kushin, a professor in the Communications Department: “You don’t have to be the smartest person, you just have to be the hardest working person.”

We’re Revamping WSHC, the Shepherd University Radio Station, and You Can Help

Who listens to the radio anymore? Actually, a lot of people. My name is Thomas Girod, a communication student and the new organization manager at the Shepherd University campus radio station: WSHC 89.7. I’m here to tell you why you should tune into WSHC and why you should get involved in helping us re-vitalize this awesome asset we have right here in the Department of Communication.

Continue reading