We’re Revamping WSHC, the Shepherd University Radio Station, and You Can Help

Who listens to the radio anymore? Actually, a lot of people. My name is Thomas Girod, a communication student and the new organization manager at the Shepherd University campus radio station: WSHC 89.7. I’m here to tell you why you should tune into WSHC and why you should get involved in helping us re-vitalize this awesome asset we have right here in the Department of Communication.


WSHC Station Equipment

When I first began my journey through the Department of Communication, I was clueless as to what I should get involved in. I then took Comm 326: Radio Practicum taught at that time by Professor John Case. I discovered what is unbeknownst to most students on campus, and even many students in the department: our very own radio station. Tagged by the station number 89.7 and call sign WSHC, our station has offered me an incredible opportunity to learn production, develop public speaking, introduce music to an audience, and broadcast myself to the world. Now, that opportunity is becoming part of a vision to bring our station to new heights and new ears.

Starting this semester, a small group, including myself, has been working to re-imagine WSHC. We’re modernizing, improving, and expand a great opportunity right here in our department. Our station includes a broadcast studio, a production studio, and an all-new 24-hour music rotation that re-brands us into a Mix station, which includes Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Electronic genres of music.


The radio station is located in Knutti Hall

Contrary to what you may think, broadcast radio is alive and well. Even though many would rather play their tunes off of their Spotify playlist, numbers show that radio is still the most dominant form of media, even among our college-age group. And, so we’re on a mission to make the radio station at Shepherd a unique, fun experience for our listeners.

Do you have a wide knowledge of music? Do you seek to understand how sound editing and productions operate? Do you want to learn marketing, public relations, and social media strategies? Part of our re-imaging includes plans to create teams of people to handle and operate our DJ’ing, editing and production, news segments, marketing, and social media.

We’d love to have you join us!

If you are interested in joining our team or learning more about the opportunities available, contact:

-Thomas Girod [Organization Manager] (tgirod02@rams.shepherd.edu)

-Kaitlyn Mauck [Program Director] (kmauck01@rams.shepherd.edu)

-Michael McGough [Station Head] (mmcgough@shepherd.edu)



2 thoughts on “We’re Revamping WSHC, the Shepherd University Radio Station, and You Can Help

  1. I learned broadcasting at this station in the mid 90s. The things I learned at WSHC, I have used daily in my life as a professional broadcaster, documentary filmmaker, and educator. Go here and have a lot of fun!

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