What’s it Like to be a Comm Student?

Lauren Barber is a December 2016 graduate.

Lauren Barber is a December 2016 graduate.

With December just around the corner, many Shepherd University students are preparing to say their farewells as they bring their time at the university to an end. One of our very own communication department students, Lauren Barber, is among those who will graduate come the end of the fall 2016 semester. I had the pleasure of talking with Lauren about her time at Shepherd in the Department of Communication, as well as her plans for when she leaves.

Jenna: Hey Lauren! Thanks for agreeing to do this.

Lauren: No problem! I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Jenna: So first things first, what has been your favorite part of being a communication major at Shepherd?

Lauren: I would say my favorite part of the communication major was finding what concentration I connected with most. I came into the major for film and ended up in public relations. I think it is so special that the entirety of the major is rather small, so students are able to connect with their professors and have a more one on one experience. I was able to truly appreciate the content by asking questions and talking with my professors, which is a luxury some students do not have. Other than that, communication as a whole has allowed me to fall in love with my career, and for that I thank every single person involved with my education for making it possible.

Jenna: That’s awesome! What do you think has been the most helpful for you in succeeding in comm classes?

Lauren: The best thing is to ask questions. Having an open relationship with your professors is the key to your success. It shows that you are listening and dedicated. But it is also incredibly helpful to understand all your coursework because you will absolutely 100% be using it all the time in your career. In addition, the secret key to success is to take as many internships as humanly possible. I took 5 during my college career, including many on-campus jobs that pertain to communication. Volunteer, interact, and make a difference. You cannot find a job based off what you learned in your classes. You will find a job based off your dedication to applying that knowledge in the real world. Trust me on this.

Jenna: So true. Internships are a vital part of the college experience. Can you tell us what you love about the communication department here at Shepherd?

Lauren: I love everything about the communication department. The only word I can describe it as is one big community. Everyone supports one another and helps each other grow. There is such a warm feeling that is associated with every concentration and it made my college career so incredible. I will forever remember my communication degree as one of the best times in my life.

Jenna: That’s great to hear. It really is a truly unique and special department. Do you have any advice for incoming communication students?

Lauren: My advice would be to go into the course with an open mind. You may find that some courses you expected to really love are not for you. In those cases, you have to decide if you want to stick with that concentration or try a different one. It’s important to know that there is an option for everyone and the major is very flexible.

Jenna: And it seems like that’s exactly what you did when switching from a film concentration to public relations. To wrap up, what will be the first thing you do upon graduating?

Lauren: The first thing I will do when I graduate is fly to London, England and explore! I have always wanted to go to Europe and decided that graduation would be the best time to do it.

Jenna: Well that sounds like an amazing time. I wish you the best of luck and congratulations on graduating!

Lauren: Thank you, best of luck to you as well!


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