And…That’s a Wrap! Fall 2016 Capstone Presentations are Finally Finished!

If you are a communication major, you work your entire college career preparing for your senior capstone presentation. These presentations are projects based on what you have learned during your time within the communication department, highlighting a specific set of skills you may have acquired or be interested in. From filmmaking to strategic communication, there’s a variety of projects students present at the end of their time here in the department. The following are only a few of the wonderful presentations from this fall’s Capstone projects.

Joshua Kelley 


Josh’s project was a radio adaptation of a story he had in the works since his days in high school – wow!

Michael Gerard 


Michael recorded and edited music for his capstone project.

Madalyn Martin 

15241860_10100279167852689_4848565711267076250_n.jpgMadalyn’s project was focused around a website she built promoting her own music, specifically her new song, “Crazy Love” available on iTunes now. Congrats Madalyn!

Christiane Pring 


Christiane’s capstone project was a commercial she filmed for a local restaurant.

To check out more of the Capstone presentations from this semester’s seniors, visit the Shepherd Communications Department Facebook page. 


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