Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Bundle Up! With #ShepComm

Winter is here and the Shepherd Communications department could not be more thrilled.

School is out and laying around all day doing (almost) nothing is on the agenda, what more could you want? We know how to spend our break the right way, and if you’re looking for some tips on how to stay comfy and cozy…look no further! Check out how the awesome members of our department spend their holiday break.

I like to lie in bed watching die hard – my favorite holiday movie – with some green tea and honey. I keep it simple.”  – Thomas Girod, Junior Communications Major (Journalism Minor) 

As a Disney enthusiast, I stick to all things Disney around the holiday’s. You’ll find me in my Mickey Mouse footie PJ’s hugging my stuffed Simba the Lion, while watching Disney movies. (Specifically Beauty and the Beast with my dog, Belle.) – Kaitlyn Miller, Senior Communications Major 

I guess you could say I’m pretty typical when it comes to my winter day/holiday routine. Christmas – reindeer – printed fuzzy socks and warm apple cider by a crisp burning fire. That’s my kind of day. Oh, and I’m probably watching my favorite holiday movie, A Year Without Santa Clause.” – Lea Cook, Junior Communications Major 

“I sit around in my sweatpants, wrapped like a burrito in a big giant blanket while siting on a coach and drinking hot cocoa by a huge fire. My favorite holiday movie is The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, I could probably watch all three in one sitting!” – Robert Hall, Senior Communications Major

Now that you’ve heard what we do to stay warm, we want to know what you plan on doing to keep cozy this winter and holiday season. Comment below to let us know!

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