Does a Pregnant Beyoncé Have Swollen Ankles?

What should artists release to the media?

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In a recent article in The New York Times, “Beyoncé 3.0: The Maternal Ideal“, suggests that despite a positive message (“Pregnant is beautiful. It should be worshiped.”) Beyoncé’s depiction of pregnancy in the media doesn’t acknowledge that pregnancy is “also messy, sometimes uncomfortable and just another fact of life. And in her extended fetishization of her own physical evolution, Beyoncé has not allowed for any of that.” Continue reading


WordPress: Practicing What I Preach/Teach

Sailing in Newport

The past few days, over Spring Mini Break, I skipped my usual garden cleanup and worked on making a WordPress site,, for my cousin Kia.

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Ever Wonder if Women Reporters are Treated Unfairly in the Sports Industry? I Did.

Tess Hyre

Tess Hyre is a Spring 2017 graduate.

Before I begin, I think it is appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Tess Hyre and I double-majored in Communication & New Media as well as Recreation & Leisure with a concentration in Sports Communication. As a double major, it was imperative to have my capstone completed in the Fall of 2016 due to requirements I had to meet in the Recreation & Leisure Department. However, I did not foresee that my capstone project would eventually carry on throughout my entire senior year.  Continue reading


Capstone Spring 2017 is Done! Phew.


The Spring 2017 Capstone participants.

Seventeen students showed their work off in the Ram’s Den, beginning their march toward graduation. Projects ranged from short movies to social media campaigns to websites. A fun time was had by all, aided significantly by Monica’s brownies. Continue reading


Writing My Graphic Novel, “Sleeper Chronicles”

graphic novel page

This page is a work in progress, with the top two images being final and the bottom sketch still in draft form.

Coming back to college as a non-traditional student, with ten years to forget what college life was like, and a young child in tow, was definitely interesting, to say the least. Continue reading


My Internship in Japan

It’s been a long trip but here I am! On Monday, March 27th I arrived at Narita Airport. The flight was 13hours but somehow it felt like 2 days. Welcome to my study abroad journey everyone! I have a lot to tell so I’ll try to keep it simple… Continue reading


How Did They Do That?

Ever wonder how stuff works in the movies? If you’re curious, take COMM 399, Special Effects in Film. We look at a history of special effects, and then make our own in Adobe After Effects.