WordPress: Practicing What I Preach/Teach

Sailing in Newport

The past few days, over Spring Mini Break, I skipped my usual garden cleanup and worked on making a WordPress site, www.newportkat.com, for my cousin Kia.

Kia and her husband Al have taken the bold step of selling their home and buying a large catamaran. They plan  to make a living doing charter sails out of Newport RI in the summer months, and then sail to the Bahamas and live on the boat during the winter months.

Who was I not to support their dream? (While simultaneously advancing my future Spring Break dreams!)

In the old days this site would have taken about the same amount of time to create, but it would have had much less functionality. With a simple link to an RSS feed, I’m able to pull in current weather reports for Newport, complete with wind conditions. Another click brings in an Instagram feed. Best of all, it is easy enough to use that Kia and Al can maintain it themselves.

So there it is. Just add water and enjoy a powerful online presence.

Guests lounging on the trampoline of AlyKat, a charter catamaran that sails out of newport.

Lounging on the trampoline of AlyKat, a sailing charter out of Newport Ri.


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