The Hungry College Student: A Podcast Series Reviewing Shepherdstown Food


Callie Long is a Spring 2017 graduate with a concentration in Strategic Communication.

Have you ever wondered if there is culinary life beyond the dining hall on the Shepherd campus? To address that question I created a podcast series for my Capstone project called The Hungry College Student. Its goal is to help Shepherd students find alternative places to eat. Three steps helped get me on my way… 

Step 1: Eating (Yum!) and Reviewing

The first step was to go to some of the restaurants in Shepherdstown and review them. Having grown up in Shepherdstown I was aware of the many fine eating establishments in town, so this was pretty fun to do. After I reviewed them I sat down and put the restaurants into categories. These categories would eventually become individual podcast episodes. As I explain in my pilot episode, I created a rating system using dollar signs:

$ Cheap Eats
$$ Affordable Once in a While
$$$ Expensive: Save for Special Occasions

Step 2: Production

The second step of my podcast process included writing my scripts, recording, and editing the episodes. I used Adobe Audition for recording/editing and a Snoball microphone. Although Adobe Audition may seem hard at first, it is easy once you catch on. I began learning to use Adobe Audition taking the class COMM 348 News Practicum.


Hungry College Student Facebook Page

Step 3: Promotion

The third step for my podcast was to post them online and make sure students knew about them. I created The Hungry College Student Facebook page. This was where I posted all of my updates on the podcast, such as which episode was upcoming and what to expect. I also made, where I posted the actual episodes. I had previous experience using WordPress from COMM 352: Computer Mediated Communication. In that class I learned how to code and create sites using WordPress.

When I was writing the proposal for my Capstone we were supposed to focus on a particular theory and make it coincide with our project. I was interested in the social marketing theory. I had previously learned about this theory in some of Dr. Kushin’s classes such as COMM 321: Public Relation Principles. The key to applying the social marketing theory is, “creating audience awareness, targeting the right audience, reinforce the message, cultivate images or impressions, stimulate interest and induce desired result”. I researched different social media sites to identify the ones that would be best to promote The Hungry College Student.. I also listened to different podcast series to draw inspiration.

After I graduate from Shepherd University I will be headed down to Florida to participate in the Disney College Program for nine months. I look forward to not only gaining experience but to also learn about the company. While I am down in Florida I will do research about Master’s programs and hopefully then pursue a degree in Library Sciences.

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, please visit my online portfolio.

Listen to The Hungry College Student Podcast Series



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