I wanted to create a campaign to help stop the dreaded Freshman 15.

The Freshman 15 is a very real phenomena that occurs to most when you switch from home cooked meals to your lovely college Dining Hall. I decided to use my Capstone Project to try to make a difference.

dining hall cover

In reality the Dining Hall is not the healthiest food and its certainly not the best. But if there is communication between the student body and those who run the Dining Hall, maybe this communication can bring some change to the options or the information provided by the Dining Hall regarding the nutrition.

The Mission 

I decided this was going to be my mission! I was going to leave Shepherd University, using my degree to make a lasting change for students to come, and to do this I developed a campaign plan.

A Minor Setback

Unfortunately I couldn’t make any nutritional changes due to lack of funds. So I back tracked. My new mission was to increase student traffic to the dining in order to increase revenue into the Dining Hall. By increasing revenue, this will allow for future changes in both food and the availability of nutrition information.

So how do we increase student traffic? Well I am a Strategic Communication student, and we do a lot with social media…BAM! That’s it, we will market the Dining Hall to the students with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!

Go Ahead You Know You Wanna

If you are interested in seeing more into this campaign and how it was developed, check out my online portfolio, which will include my latest adventures post graduation, starting off as a Leasing Consultant for Berkshire Communities.


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