Play the ShepComm Halloween Contest: Make a Monster out of Candy; Win an Awesome Prize

Calling all Shepherd students and faculty! Before you give out (or chow down) that Halloween candy, put your creativity to the test and enter the Shep Comm “Make a Monster Out of Candy” Contest! Make the most terrifying monster treat out of Halloween’s finest sweets, and you’ll be entered to win an awesome (shhh!) secret prize!


candy monster

The rules are simple:

1) Build a monster out of candy. Get creative!

2) Snap a photo and post it on Instagram using #shepcommcontest

Submission deadline is midnight, Oct. 30th!

The top creations will go head-to-head in a Twitter poll on October 31st, and YOU will pick the winning monster!

If you need help getting started, here are some tips for creating the spookiest treat:

  • Build Up, or Build Flat – Do you want to make a towering 3D creation? Or a candy mosaic? It’s all up to you!
  • Frosting is Your Friend – You can use frosting to stick candy pieces together or to add some decoration to your monster creation!
  • What About Wrappers? – Candy wrappers may not be delicious, but that doesn’t mean you should throw them away! You can use the wrappers as a cape, a backdrop, or anything else to add some extra flair to your creature.
  • Don’t Throw it Out! – This is a good time to make use of your least favorite candies sitting at the bottom of the bowl. If you’re not going to eat it, you might as well make something out of it!
  • Get Crazy! – No idea is too weird for this contest! Think outside the box! The most important thing is to have fun (and eat lots of candy).

This contest is being run by Dr. Kushin’s Comm 322 Social Media class in the Department of Communication and is open to all Shepherd faculty and students!

Good luck, and may the best monster win!


COMMmon Myths: Episode 1 What exactly is going on in the basement of Knutti?

Anyone close to the us knows the Communication Department is Shepherd’s BEST kept secret, but many others don’t even know we exist. In this installment of COMMon Myths, we asked some non-Comm majors to tell us: “What do you think is in the Knutti Basement?”. We asked Kevin Williams, one of the Shepherd Communication professors, to read some of the responses:


No, the basement of Knutti is not a dungeon, or a cave. It’s actually a much less threatening series of hallways and doors. Students can be found working in the Mac Lab, creating projects in the studio, or simply relaxing on the couches. We may not have any windows, but that doesn’t mean the Comm department is dark and brooding. Everyday, students fill the halls with their creativity and can-do attitude. There’s always a surprise around every corner of the basement.

Join us again in two weeks for the next installment of #COMMonMyths. Keep up with Shepherd Comm on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! #ShepComm