Ram Nation: A Shepherd University Athletics Commercial

Ram Nation is a commercial advertisement that I created to promote the Shepherd Universities Athletic department. The goal of this commercial is to persuade high school student athletes that Shepherd is the perfect fit for their college experience.

Why Did I Choose This Idea? 

Coming into Shepherd University in my freshman year, I did not know what I wanted to major in or even do with my life. After taking a few communication and marketing classes, I realized that I was very interested in advertising. Eventually, I realized that commercial advertising could be a field that I go into when I graduate from college. So I decided to create a commercial for my capstone. I want to learn as much as I can about all that goes into creating commercials, so I am prepared for a possible career in advertising in the future.

Photo of Dalton Ziemba

A commercial advertisement that promotes the Shepherd University Athletic Department.


This whole process started with a bunch of research on many different topics that I would need to know in order to create a successful commercial. After gathering all of the information I needed, I started to create my step outline. When I finished the step outline, I knew what shots I needed and what was going to say in the voice over so it was time to actually shoot the videos. After gathering all of the shots, I needed, it was Tim to organize and edit my commercial until it was perfect and ready to be distributed.

Photo of Dalton Ziemba

Posterboard photo for my final capstone project, Ram Nation.

Learning Outcome:

Creating this commercial has allowed me to learn many new things and strategies that I can use in the future. It also allowed me to work on some skills that I need to perfect in the future. With all of the research I did, I was able to learn a lot about how commercials are created and all that goes into making them as successful as possible. I was able to learn a lot about time management and organization skills because if you don’t keep track of these two things, you will never complete your project on time. The skills that I was able to practice and work on include lighting techniques, camera operating, and sound. This project also allowed me to perfect and become comfortable with using adobe premiere pro, adobe after effects, and photoshop. Overall I learned many things from this project, and I believe I will be using a lot of the information I learned very soon down the road after I graduate.

Here is my final capstone project, Ram Nation. Enjoy!

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