Conquer E-Commerce

Janet Peterson

EG: Your Electronic Guide to E-Commerce!

Have you ever wanted to start your own online business? Do you already have an online business but want to find ways to help it grow? Do you find an overwhelming amount of advice online but find the advice to be unrealistic or unreliable?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then you should check out my website EG!

EG is your electronic guide to helping you conquer e-commerce. It’s made to help you with brand identity, business communication, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, customer service, and social media.

EG: Your Electronic Guide to E-Commerce

EG Poster Design

You’ll learn how I was able to make my business more efficient than 82% of millions of other sellers on the same platform. How I increased my revenue by 2445% in the past year as well as my orders by 2120%. I even managed to increase my total views by 1684% and my visits by 1463%.

All the advice shared on EG is from top rated resources found on Amazon as well as my own personal advice. There are no “get rich quick” scams or false claims, just completely free tips and advice from real people who are involved in the business.


This process involved creating a hosted website on using Hostgator where I would then create a guide to e-commerce. I also read through many different resources (averaging 2 books a week) and breaking down the most important information attained from each one. I also had to use what information I could into my own business to make sure I wasn’t just providing a bunch of information with no real facts or stats.


  • Disruptive Innovation: It’s the idea that smaller, weaker, but more innovative competitors break into markets and eventually disrupt and completely overtake their competitors.
  • Incentive/Motivation: People work as hard as you pay them.
  • Deliberate/Flexible Strategy: We need to have a deliberate strategy, but also have enough resources and flexibility to change course, and make way for an even better, emergent strategy.

Learning Outcome

Throughout this experience, I learned that there’s no right way of boosting one’s statistics online but there are things you can do that will potentially help your business to grow and expand over time. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and your statistics probably won’t be as great as you want overnight as it takes work, effort, and time. Any small step you can take in the right direction will gradually get you to where you’re trying to be as all those tiny steps accumulate into a bigger whole in the long run.

During this process, I gained more experience with web design as I found that even though WordPress generates a larger part of a theme for you, it isn’t always as customizable as you might like (this is going to take some CSS and HTML skills, luckily I enjoy coding websites and it’s also part of being a Communication major here at Shepherd University). I also got to put my graphic design minor to use by designing and creating my finished poster as well as some of the design work you’ll find on EG. Time management was also a big ordeal with completing this project (there were days I wasn’t sure I’d get through everything) but creating a Gantt chart definitely helped in keeping this project on track.

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