I Caught Myself: A Music Video

For this project I was able to combine my love of dance with a desire to learn how to make a video. I stepped outside of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I did.

The Concept  For my Capstone project I chose to make a music video for the song “I Caught Myself” by Vitamin String. The video begins in a large, empty industrial looking room with dripping ceilings and shattered glass on the floor. A girl (me) is sitting in the middle of the room looking at her reflection in the mirror. She’s sad/ distressed. The mirror represents inner self reflection. She looks in the mirror (within herself) to find the answers she needs. As she dances at the beginning she is distressed but as she interacts with her reflection in the mirror she begins to feel free. The story was inspired by my past experiences, feeling down and not having anyone but myself to look to for help, and eventually overcoming the problem.

The Process  Before shooting the video, there were several things I had to do to prepare. I’m a strategic concentration and haven’t worked much with film so I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with how to make a professional looking video. One of the hardest parts for me during this process was finding a song that I could have permission to use. Songs without any rights on sound cloud were all pretty corny so I tried finding artists on Instagram to message them and ask them for permission. Once I found a song that I was happy with and that inspired me, I was able to get e done. My advice is to find a song as early as you can if you chose to do a video. Shooting the video only took a few hours thanks to planning, but the long part was editing. Cutting the video alone took over 8 hours. I had originally planned to use effects, but I ended up really liking how it looked without anything extra.

What I learned After completing my project I was able to better understand how much planning goes into pre production of the video and how much changes in post production. I’m sure with more practice this wouldn’t happen, but  my whole video changed from when I planned it to when I had my final product. I was happy that I had a plan before I shot but it was cool to see how the story and the video kind of created itself as I went along. I was glad that I stepped outside of my concentration and tried learning about something different. I think it was beneficial for me to take a deeper look into something that wasn’t what I normally do.


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