Mr. Alpha Sigma Tau. A Male Pageant Fundraiser for The Laurel Center

I’m Kathryn Leonarczyk. I am a student at Shepherd University studying communication and English. When I first got into the department, I had no idea what I wanted to concentrate in, so I picked New Media. This is a broad concentration so I have gotten the chance to take a wide range of classes. I have found a love for public relations, as well as marketing.


My Capstone poster

I hope that after graduation I can find a job in that area. Because I have an open concentration, I was able to pick virtually anything for my senior project. In my two years in the program, I have taken a wide range of classes, from animation classes to graphic novel classes to public relations. The professors have helped me tremendously in my learning experience at Shepherd. I would not have succeeded quiet as well without them.

As a senior, I have completed my capstone, which is a huge senior project that takes what you have learned and puts it to work. I am in a sorority on campus, Alpha Sigma Tau, and I figured I would hold an event that was campus wide in order to raise money for our philanthropy, Woman’s Wellness Initiative. Sense it is a broad philanthropy, I had to pick a certain place to donate the money to, and I decided to pick something local to our campus that we had already donated to, The Laurel Center. They are an organization that helps women who have fallen victim to domestic or sexual violence.

For the event, I will held two different fundraisers, one on campus, and one through the website GoFundMe. The on campus fundraiser was on Valentines Day. We sold flowers and cookies all over campus for two days. The event was held on March 30th. This event was called Mr. AST (Mr. Alpha Sigma Tau) and was a male-based pageant, where the contestants competed for the title of “Mr. AST”, to be crowned, as well as a gift card. Tickets for the event were sold for three dollars before the event and five dollars at the door. All proceeds went to The Laurel Center.
There will be three categories in the pageant; talent, formal wear, and questions. The event itself went very well. We had about 40 people come, and made about $100 at the door. I used the ticket sale as a raffle to get more people to attend. Every ticket you bought entered you into a raffle for a special spot on the judge’s table. This gave incentive for people to get more tickets.

I started marketing and raising awareness of the event in January. Some of the things I did from January to March were:

  1. I contacted the alum from our chapter to tell them about the event. I have told them about the donations as well as when the event is.
  2. I made the tickets, as well as the flyers for the Valentines Day sale and the actual event. I posed these all over campus including dorms and apartment buildings.
  3. I created a GoFundMe account, and posted about it on all social media sites, and have encouraged the sisters to do so as well. This was done all three months leading up to the event.
  4. I created all my own judge sheets; sign up sheets, and all other paper work that needed to be done.

Now that the event is over, and I have collected all the money, I have totaled it to find that we made $300. This is a huge number for a small sorority on a small campus to achieve. The $300 we made will go to women who need it more than we do. This money will help them get clothes, food, and shelter.

Also, check out my professional website!


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