Bachelor of Science

Total hours required for the major: 45

Core Courses: 21 Hours


COMM 203: Communication & New Media (Meets Tier 2 Humanities Core Requirement: Civic Knowledge.)

COMM 302: Narrative Screenwriting (WM: Writing in the Major)OR COMM 335: Writing Across Platforms (WM)

COMM 352: Computer-Mediated Communication

Select 9 credit hours from the following Theory, Criticism & Literacy Courses

COMM 400: Media, Law & Ethics

COMM 402: Seminar in Communications

COMM 403: Media Studies

COMM 406: Advertising & Imagery

Select One of Four Concentrations: 15 Hours

Digital Film-making Concentration: 15 Hours

       Select 12 credit hours from the following:

COMM 329: Sound Design

COMM 350: Single-Camera Production

COMM 333: Music Video

COMM 354: Experimental Video

COMM 360: Studio Production

One elective course New Media or Strategic Communication Concentration.


COMM 420: Advanced Production

New Media Concentration: 15 Hours

Select 12 credit hours from the following:

COMM 343: Graphic Novel

COMM 344: Game Design

COMM 345: Animation & Communication

COMM 346: Motion Graphics

One elective course Digital Film-Making or Strategic Communication Concentration.


COMM 447: Advanced Internet Media

Strategic Communication: 15 Hours


COMM 321: Principles of Public Relations

COMM 322: Social Media

COMM 435: Communication Research

One elective course New Media or Digital Film-Making Concentration.

COMM 470: Strategic Campaigns

Media Studies Concentration: 15 Hours

Select any 12 hours of Digital Film-Making, New Media or Strategic Communication.


COMM 447: Advanced Internet Media

COMM 420: Advanced Production

COMM 470: Strategic Campaigns

Practicum: 3 Hours

COMM 348: News Practicum

COMM 349: Media Practicum

COMM 326: Radio Practicum

Capstone Courses: 6 Hours

COMM 450: Internship OR COMM 392: Co-op OR COMM 402: Seminar

COMM 451: Senior Capstone Preparation

COMM 461: Senior Capstone

Minor Classes

All COMM students are required to have a minor. You can browse through your options using the online catalog located at:


Hours earned combining core, major, and minor requirements will not add up to 120 credits needed for graduation. Throughout the course of their studies a student must take electives, either within or outside the major, to accumulate the full 120 hours.

Bachelor of Arts

For a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, students are required 3 less credits in their required core courses and concentration courses, but must satisfy the B.A. Foreign Language Requirement of 12 Language Hours.