Student Experience: A World of Sound

Sound design was an interesting class. We went on a journey through the history of sound in media and created our own audio projects. The class furthered my knowledge of programs such as garage band as well as adobe audition and sound booth. We worked with music both in ,wav and in MIDI form as well as editing voice and sound effects.

The projects we worked on covered a vast expanse of sound. Our first project involved editing MIDI files to get comfortable with editing music and adding effects. Then we moved on to editing voice and integrating sound. Our final project brought every thing together and added sound effects to make a theatre of the mind project. Essentially it was a radio drama.

Student Experience: The Wonderful World of Advertising

This class let us delve deep into the underlying principles of the advertising industry. We looked into what makes an ad effective as well as the trends throughout the history of advertising. Our daily routine was viewing ad materials and doing semeiotic analysis on a variety of adverts. The real meat of the class was design our own ad campaigns given certain parameters. We were given target market and told to do a 2-3 ad campaign for a certain product or video.

Some of the projects we undertook were campaigns for marijuana cigarettes,, a fictional brewing company, and a political advert for a candidate or cause we supported. Through these projects were explored making ads for a wide range of markets and products. I feel I obtained a working knowledge of how to succeed in a advertising and marketing ideas and products.

Here is an example of the work I did in the class: