Student Experience: Mastering PR

Coming into this class I couldn’t even tell you the definition of Public Relations, much less, tell you all of the different aspects that it covers. I knew that I was interested in the topic, but I didn’t know the specifics of it. In this course we explored all of the various techniques used to practice PR. We had many assignments throughout the semester that helped prepare us for the professional world. These assignments included exploring and researching Twitter, practicing positive people skills, working in groups towards a common goal, and much more. For our main project, we were put into groups and given an assignment. As a team, we had to try to win over an important client for a possible hire. We had to conduct a 20-minute seminar before an executive staff (our classmates) to bring them up to date on the latest trends in public relations. We were to follow credible PR blogs to find out what techniques were being discussed and practiced in today’s world. My group decided to create a short video and a website, along with our presentation, to portray what we had learned from our research.

I had a ton of fun working on these projects and I learned way more in this class than I had expected. Professor Kushin made every class exciting and was always extremely helpful.  I say, if you have even the slightest bit of interest in Public Relations, you should take this class! You’ll be glad you did.




Student Experience: Experimenting with Experimental Video

I took this class my freshman year, which was pretty intimidating considering it was an upper level course and I had never really taken any Communication classes before. I didn’t really know what to expect with a title of “Experimental Video” either. I had been interested in directors and theories and the basis of the two for a long time, so I thought that this class would be a good fit. We studied both classic and contemporary work that dug into a deeper meaning of family, language, class, race, power, spirituality and much more. We looked at many different approaches to all kinds of different production. I really enjoyed studying directors and their methods, but my favorite part of this class was being able to take my knowledge and put it into a work of my own. One of the directors whose work we viewed, had a style that took short clips from different settings and edited them together in a way that made the viewer feel a certain way. It allowed the viewer to be able to see short bits of what the director was seeing and take from it something different than anyone else would. I decided to try and use this method for my own experimental video and this is what I came up with:

I think this course is a very important course to take if you want to be involved in video production. It looks at video in a completely different way and really gets your mind thinking and creating. I would definitely recommend taking this course because I am very glad that I did!