Georgia’s Beauty Vlogs: A Feminist Approach to Beauty Vlogging

Me, at my Senior Capstone Presentation December 5th, 2019

Deciding on My Project

When trying to decide on what to do for my senior capstone, I really thought about both what I like to do, and what I really consume the most of on a daily basis when it comes to communication. Then it dawned on me, I watch hours of makeup videos almost daily. I decided to take a try at becoming a beauty influencer! However, I knew that I would take my own political spin on these videos.


During my research, many of the sources that I read stated that: of the people who watch vlogs, people either watched vloggers who reminded them of themselves, or those who they wanted to be friends with. That being said, I determined my primary audience to be 18-25 year olds who had an “edgier” aesthetic.

I also used both feminist theory and the social construct theory to shape my content to better fit my personal brand. I tend to think of myself as a heavily socially minded person and wanted my audience to be able to perceive me in this way. I wanted to be a new voice for women who have been traditionally silenced in traditional media. I also wanted to prove that beauty is a social construct and should mean something different to every person.

My Videos


I have to admit that I really enjoyed the editing process for my videos. I really like using iMovie and had fun with the creative freedom to edit my videos in any style that I wished.

Before this process, I had no idea how much editing style had to do with the overall tones of YouTube videos. It took me watching even more videos than usual to determine what my editing style would be. I went with a choppier editing style to showcase my funnier, more laid back personality.

Plans for my Future

In the future, I would like to maintain my YouTube channel. I had a great time making these videos and received very positive feedback both online and during my capstone presentations. Overall I learned a ton about the overall process and time commitment that it takes to be successful on YouTube.