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22 year old Communications student and lover of dogs and all things nature/travel.

Connect Your Way to Success: A Strategic Event Plan

Two years ago, my dad joined the Metro Bethesda Rotary (mBr) club. Since then, he has acquired a position on the club’s board, as Chair of the Membership Committee. I have attended several meetings and services events as a guest of his, and during one of these meetings, I got to talk to some members about how they feel regarding younger members and their club. The mBr club has over 60 active members, and of these, only 7 are under the age of 30. That’s less than 20% of the club! I knew immediately that I wanted to do something to help. This organization was really beneficial, and millennials were clearly ┬ámissing the message. Continue reading

Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Bundle Up! With #ShepComm

Winter is here and the Shepherd Communications department could not be more thrilled.

School is out and laying around all day doing (almost) nothing is on the agenda, what more could you want? We know how to spend our break the right way, and if you’re looking for some tips on how to stay comfy and cozy…look no further! Check out how the awesome members of our department spend their holiday break. Continue reading

And…That’s a Wrap! Fall 2016 Capstone Presentations are Finally Finished!

If you are a communication major, you work your entire college career preparing for your senior capstone presentation. These presentations are projects based on what you have learned during your time within the communication department, highlighting a specific set of skills you may have acquired or be interested in. Continue reading

What’s it Like to be a Comm Student?

Lauren Barber is a December 2016 graduate.

Lauren Barber is a December 2016 graduate.

With December just around the corner, many Shepherd University students are preparing to say their farewells as they bring their time at the university to an end. One of our very own communication department students, Lauren Barber, is among those who will graduate come the end of the fall 2016 semester. I had the pleasure of talking with Lauren about her time at Shepherd in the Department of Communication, as well as her plans for when she leaves.

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What’s Cooking? Comm Students’ Favorite Fall Recipes!

It’s finally fall! And we’re all getting into the swing of the season, changing our wardrobes and bundling up next to cozy fireplaces with a hot cup of cocoa (or, if you’re like me, coffee). Tis’ the season to eat your heart out and totally not regret it. We asked our Communication Department students what their favorite recipes were, and we’re loving what they’ve told us!

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