About Logan M. Zagarella

I am a Communications major at Shepherd University in the New Media Concentration. The focus of the course is a mixture of film-making and digital media production. I plan to aim for a career in website design, utilizing the skills I have learned in this department.

Student Experience: Digital Designers

Comm 352 Computer Mediated Communication is a great way to learn the basics of web design. You will learn how to create websites using HTML and CSS coding techniques that control functionality and design. You will also learn how to upload websites to the internet, manage blogs and online content, and link them all together.

This FREE site will give you a base knowledge of HTML and CSS, which will help you greatly in this course. It also offers basics in Javascript, PHP, Python, and more.


Student Experience: A Comic Life

I loved Comm 343 Graphic Novel. You will create a graphic novel from the ground up, to include writing an original story and dialogue, drawing or gathering images and editing them in photoshop, as well as presenting them in a clear and creative way. You will also combine literary devices with visual elements and learn about other common techniques to make your message more effective.

This is the graphic novel that I created for this course called “The Hunter and The Hunted.”


Check out other student work at the Shepherd University Graphic Novel Wiki.