How Maddie Learned From ADDIE Learns Online, a WordPress Site

Senior Capstone is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects you will do at Shepherd University. It challenges you to consider what you’re passionate about and to learn more about yourself. For myself, I had many challenges in the beginning. I worried that the project ideas I had weren’t good enough or didn’t make sense. I started with one proposal at the end of Capstone prep, however when I started the final Capstone course, I completely changed my idea.

I made my decision to change my Capstone idea after my summer internship. One of the many projects I did while interning was to create a best practice guide. The department I worked in created learning materials for customers, including live online classes. My assignment was to sit in on one class for each of the online instructors. With a list of requirements that my department already had, I had to evaluate each instructor. After, I wrote a best practice guide that reinforced the requirements. This was distributed amongst all the instructors.

Online learning has always interested me. From the engagement/”classroom” management side, to the technology aspect of online learning. I thought to myself, over the summer, how I could merge this interest with the document I already had made. And suddenly I knew what to do! I extended my original best practice guide and made it more general. My idea was that any company or school could find these guides on my WordPress site, download it, and use it for their instructors.

Originally, I wanted to become a teacher, however that dream is on hold for me. So, I compromised and minored in Education. Another goal of mine for this project is combining my two loves – teaching and communication.

Now that we’ve finished the semester, I’m very happy with the project that I chose to do. It was something that I was interested in and enjoyed researching. I also think it will benefit me when I eventually do go back to school for teaching.