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Student Experience: Game Design



Game Design, or COMM 344, was a great experience of working with others by imitating a design process, and collaborating thoughts and ideas. It was both enjoyable and challenging trying to find a middle ground between each student and ultimately have a finished product by the required due date. Which can be quite difficult if you’re having conflicting ideas or someone had trouble keeping on track.



After completing our initial design project we moved on to more personal and individual assignments. Taking the game that we had developed through our group, and porting it to a mobile application format. The examples here are some of the screens from my mobile port.






All in all, it’s a very good class and provides you with studio and workshop concepts that most people don’t take into consideration with the career field.

Student Experience: Computer Mediated Communication


The concept of web design is simple and clean, and the delivery can be quite challenging. This class however, I found to be refreshing. It was at a pace tapered for each individual, which allowed the fluent, and non-fluent, to progress at their own pace and obtain optimal learning and knowledge. The skill sets required for web design or programming are typically tailored and unique for each person, because there are many ways to do a single thing. There was also a sense of freedom with our primary projects, which I enjoyed. I feel as though I tend to learn and retain more myself when not bottle necked with too many criteria or requirements centering around a project.

All in all, this was actually just a refresher course for me, but I did enjoy it. =)