My Final Set

The completion of my senior capstone means the completion of my undergraduate studies! I truly cannot believe how the years I’ve spent at Shepherd University have felt more like months, months like weeks, and my final weeks like days. Time certainly feels as though it’s moving more rapidly than ever, and realizing my capstone project is completed seems almost surreal. On April 18, 2016 my classmates and I met in the Shepherd University Ram’s Den to present our capstone projectsto the university’s staff and students. When beginning the capstone class, I was completely unsure the project I’d complete, yet knew I wanted to develop a campaign. I immediately went to my church to discover that they were in need of a promotion plan for an upcoming concert event, which I eventually named Mountain Spring Concert.Concert Poster Final

In promoting the concert, I created a survey which was sent through email to members of the event host, St. James Catholic Church in Charles Town, West Virginia. The survey included questions asking members about the frequency of listening to Christian music and interest in attending the Mountain Spring Concert to hear headliner Matt Maher. I developed an editorial calendar for three social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By developing this content, I have the ability to reach both youth and adult audiences. For the campaign, I also created a cover page and press release for local news paper including information of concert location, time, and additional info. Lastly, I constructed a flier to be inserted into church bulletins for additional advertising.

Capstone 2016 has been a great experience that has pushed me to develop content, arrange ideas, and involve me my community in a way that I never have before. With great instruction of my advisor, Matt Kushin and assistance in visual creation by my professor Monica Larson I believe my campaign was a great success.

Shannon Lyons

Shannon Lyons planned a Mountain Spring Concert as a fundraiser.